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We got a couple of books called "AB to Jay-Z" and "1, 2, 3 with Notorious B.I.G" and they've quickly become Taylor's favorite children books that we own. He was reading it to Billie on Sunday and was totally cracking up. (Links to the books HERE, if you're into that kind of thing.) // Every dang episode of the show This Is Us (even though it makes me cry every single time). // The fact that Billie seems to be extra smiley and happy lately-- which leads me to believe that she's finally getting over her little spoof of sickness. PRAISE THE HEAVENS ABOVE!! // The baby pajamas you can get at target that zip up from the bottom. Yeah, those are my faves. // Ginger ale with a squeeze of lemon (because it's so settling for an upset stomach). // We got our new desk in the mail yesterday-- and Tay got it all set up last night! Our office is coming together piece by piece and we're pretty stoked on it. // 

Photos of my family. Those have been making me exceptionally happy as of late. I've been looking back on old photographs (because I've been sick and it's been hard to come up with creative ways to pass time) and it's been so insane to me to see how much Billie has grown. I put together a side-by-side comparison of her with Tay the day she was born and three months later and it completely blew my mind! How in the world is it possible for a human to grow THAT much in such a short period of time? (No wonder she's always so hungry and sleepy!) //

Speaking of looking through old photographs, I found a bunch of shots from our Korea trip in 2016 in our photo archives! I didn't even know that these photos existed, so it was fun to look back through the old files and remember these little moments. Photos seriously have such a magical way of wrapping up feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a beautiful way that allows you to cherish (and actually remember) the way you felt in those moments. 

This week was a long week that consisted of lots of reminiscing, lots of planning (for some fun things we've got coming up), lots of medicine, and lots of reading. It's also been brimming with constant feelings of gratitude. I woke up this morning before Taylor; we were face to face and as my eyes fluttered open, he was the first thing I got to see. I was suddenly so overcome with so much love and appreciation for him that it took a whole lot of effort to keep myself from unrelentingly kissing his face until he woke up (but he never ever gets to sleep in so I obviously didn't want to wake him up). And then I heard Billie stirring and my heart was filled even more with love and gratitude. We've got a good little life. And I don't know how on earth I was lucky to end up right we're I've ended up, but I'll be forever grateful for it. 


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