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It's a little late (whoops?) but HAPPY (belated) THREE MONTHS OF EXISTENCE, BABY GIRL! People are always asking me how old she is and then, when I respond with, "She's three months old!" their eyes always tend to widen in disbelief. This little girl has grown SO much since the day we welcomed her into the world. It's honestly been so spectacular to watch because she's changed so much in such a short period of time. I can't wait to watch her keep on growin', growin', growin'. 

Fun little quirk about our girl: she ALWAYS wants to be sitting up! I think it's because she believes she can get a better view of the things taking place around her when she's sitting up. So, regardless of if she's sitting in my lap, in her car seat, laying in bed, laying in the tub-- it doesn't matter, she just always tries her best to sit up. For that reason, we call her the "crunch queen." *because she always looks like she's doing crunches, duh. 

Things she likes: bath time (which we should really just start calling "splash time..." we've got a water-lover on our hands), cuddling with her dad, play-time on her play mat, trying to pull kingsley's ears, her car seat, and the hour right before bedtime when she boycotts sleep (and almost always succeeds because she's too cute and so fun to play with at that time). 

Things she dislikes: when we suck boogers out of her nose with the booger-sucky-thingy, when her face gets cold, and the fact that she cant' crawl or sit up all by herself yet.

It's funny, because she keeps getting older and I keep catching myself saying, "this is my favorite stage!" with each new phase of life she approaches. Lately she's been extra fun because she's starting to discover her tongue and she's learning how to control her hands. She's beginning to interact more with the world around her and I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to watch her take it all in. Motherhood is so cool.


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