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We decided to go on a little excursion up to the Midway Ice Castles for our Friday night entertainment. Neither Tay nor myself had ever been up there so we felt it would be a fun little adventure to get to see them for the first time together! We got all bundled up (and put Billie in at least five different layers) and set out on our way. We drove up to Midway through Provo Canyon and it was insane how dark the world felt. I glanced out the window towards the sky to see if it was overcast (which would explain why it was so dark) and ended up seeing the stars. So I'm not sure why it felt so dark (maybe the moon was in hiding? I dunno... I also can't remember), but it was pretty cool so we weren't complaining!

We arrived at about 7:30pm (that was the time slot we got our tickets for) and rode a little shuttle from our car over to the castles. The castles were somewhat crowded, but we expected that seeing as we opted to go on a Friday evening. Next year we'll probably get tickets for just before the sun sets so we can see the castles in sunlight as well as during the night! (That's probably what I would suggest, if you can swing it that way.) 

I wasn't sure what I was expecting... but let's just say that I was beyond impressed with our experience! It was so much fun watching Billie's little eyes light up as she took in the cold + color of the ice castles. It's hard to believe how rapidly she's turning from a sleepy newborn to a curious little babe. Even Taylor and I couldn't believe what we were seeing-- whoever came up with the idea of the ice castles was a brilliant human being. We felt as if we'd walked straight into a mystical ice castle created by Elsa herself (if you didn't get that reference... where have you been for the last four years?). 

Once you walk into the entrance, there are a bunch of little sections of the ice castles to explore. Parts of it have fountains, other parts have icy slides and tunnels, and other parts even have little thrones  made entirely out of ice for you to sit on in order to snap some photos. If you're planning on staying for a longer duration of time, I'd highly recommend wearing snow-proof attire that will keep you warm and dry! I sat on one of the ice thrones for a total of three seconds and my bum was wet for the rest of the evening. Also-- wear snow-proof boots as well because the ground got pretty slushy in random parts of the castles as well. Basically, just follow the directions listed on the site and wear "winter attire" and you'll be good!

All in all, we'd give the Midway Ice Castles two thumbs up! We always feel like there's not much to do on the winter weekends in Utah aside from getting out and snowboarding/skiing-- but with a little baby (or kids), sometimes that's kind of hard. So it was nice to have a fun little winter activity for us to get out and do together as a family! I think it's something that could be fun and interesting for any person in any walk of life. So, if you've been debating over whether or not you were going to go and see the ice castles for yourself, well, you should probably just go. We were pretty impressed with them and we had a lot of fun exploring the fantasy-like structures. (For the record, if you make it all the way up to Midway... you should probably go check out one of our fave restaurants in Midway because it has the coolest salsa bar. Click HERE if you're interested in mexican food and salsa bars!)

 Favorite photo of the night: Taylor on his throne of ice.


  1. SO COOL! I've seen these for years from a distance since I don't live in Utah but I have always wanted to go! Someday!

    1. I'd never actually seen them for myself until this year! I've only ever seen photos of them, but it was honestly just as cool as I'd expected it to be. If you ever make it to Utah during this time of year, it's definitely worth your time!


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