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Be ready for photo-overload because our sweet baby girl received the most beautiful blessing from her cute dad in church yesterday and we wanted to celebrate the special occasion! It was such a surreal experience to watch Taylor carry OUR BABY up to the front of the chapel and then, surrounded by so many men that we love and admire, place his hands gently upon her head and give her a blessing. I have witnessed more baby blessings than I can even recall in my lifetime, but this time it was so different because it was my own child's blessing. I still can't even wrap my head around that fact! Tay and I catch ourselves staring at Billie and saying things like, "Wait, is she even real?" all the time. That's probably something that will continue to happen regularly as life drifts slowly on and we all get older day by day. We'll never feel old enough to be as old as we are... does that even make sense? Probably not.

Here's a fun little tid-bit from her blessing: when Billie was getting blessed, she was in the middle of a circle of men who were cradling her in her arms. Halfway through her blessing she started to get a little fussy-- turns out, she was fussy because she was struggling to try and sit up. hahaha. This little girl is never content being flat on her back, she always wants to be sitting up.

It's the end of January and it still feels like late Autumn here in Utah. It's been a very, very mild winter. I'm not mad about it-- everyone knows that my favorite month of the whole year is October... this just feels like an extended October. After Billie's blessing, we headed over to my in-laws home for a little celebration gathering, if you will. I made one of my FAVORITE meals (cafe rio sweet pork burritos and tomatillo ranch dressing-- recipes linked. Seriously SO good and SO easy to make!) to share and then bought a costco cheesecake for dessert. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect combination of deliciousness. It all came together perfectly (which I was thankful for because I was stressing and I'd never prepped an entire meal like that for that many people before). 

It was so neat for Taylor and I to see so many people come together to love and support our little girl. It was actually really overwhelming (but in the best possible way). She is already so loved by so many people and the mere thought makes me want to burst into a fit of the happiest kind of tears. I am so grateful for the wonderful people in our life. I'm also just impossibly grateful for those who we look up to as examples in so many ways. 

Yesterday was a very sweet day for us for more reasons than one. I wish I could find a way to translate all of those incredible emotions into words... but I can't. And I'm okay with that, I guess. The pictures will have to do for now.

Shout out to the Terry's who have earned their place in our lives as family. We don't know what we'd do without them! We met Austin in a camera shop over a year ago when we went in to buy a new flash for my birthday... and ended up chatting with him for 3+ hours until we eventually just set a date to go out and shoot together. Then he introduced us to his beautiful, perfect wife, Allie. And the rest is history. It was such a unique way to meet them and we will forever be grateful that we did!

We love you so, Billie Rose. It was neat to hear such sweet words being said about you yesterday through that sweet, sweet blessing. I'm grateful that you've got such a good dad and that he was able to bless you yesterday. I'm certain that you'll accomplish great things during the course of your life. I cannot wait to see how you'll leave your own, perfect mark on this world. I'm so grateful I get to be your mom. I'm so grateful I'll get to watch you grow, and learn, and become everything you were destined to become. I know that sounds cheesy, but I truly do believe that you were destined for greatness. And I'll cheer you on every step (and stumble) of the way. 


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