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Billie's rolls-- especially on her cute little thighs! They give me life. #rollgoals // I shot my first wedding post-baby over the weekend and I'm feelin' pretty good about that accomplishment. I was honesty beyond nervous about all the littlest details like when I was going to feed Billie, who was going to watch her, how long I'd be away from her, etc. But I did it! It all worked out so perfectly and proved to me that I can work and be a mom and somehow it's all going to be okay. // I went on a little "girls day" yesterday and it was a total blast. We had a full-on stroller brigade (at least that's what we called it-- someone else referred to us as the "momfia" and I was DYING hahahaha). We may or may not have basically gotten kicked out of two different children's stores.... so there's that. It was fun for me to spend some time with other women who are in the same little phase of life that I'm in (it's extra fun when they're all so cool). //

I made one of the meals I used to eat on my mission ALL THE TIME on Friday night. Don't judge me before you try it... but it's kimchi + spam cooked in mayo and eaten over rice. (insert laughing emoji here) I kid you not, there was a time on my mission when we'd eat that every single day for lunch. I made Taylor try it as well and he's now converted to it. It's soooo weird but soooo good! // The fact that I'm watching the bachelor every week and seeing someone I went to high school with make it further and further into the show. (For anyone that is wondering, it's Maquel). // ALSO, my  two year old niece was walking around taking photos on her mom's phone while we were watching the bachelor last night. She took this photo of me and my sister in law in the middle of what seems to be a very entertaining part of the show (we had no idea she was even taking photos but I'm so glad that she was because this candid photo is absolutely priceless).  //

Those sparkling waters you can buy at Walmart. Those make me happy. // The trip Taylor and I are currently planning out!!!! // The nice messages I've received this week from total strangers on instagram (I'm a full believer in sharing kindness whenever a kind thought enters your head-- even if it's directed towards a total stranger). // How slap-happy Billie gets every night before we put her to bed. // Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and accomplishing things even though they're emotionally/mentally hard for me to do. // I fit into a pair of my old high school jeans... they're the stretchiest pair, but I did it! haha // My stretch marks from being pregnant with Billie. At first, if I'm being honest, they really, really bothered me. But I've come to love them because they represent the fact that I was able to carry my child within me for nine months and that's pretty freaking cool. // Billie's first giggles (and the fact that Taylor somehow managed to get them on camera). //

Taylor and I made a goal when we first got married to live life happily-- we didn't really know how we'd go about managing to accomplish that particular goal, but we knew that it was important to us. It's been really fun to sit together and think about that goal... and then realize that we really are living  life exactly the way we wanted to! We're happy. Life isn't perfect, nor will it ever be, but it's brimming with happiness. And to us, that is success. We don't have control over many things in life, but we have control over choosing to live in such a way that we are constantly doing things that bring us joy.

It's a good way to live, I think. And it's a good life. We are impossibly grateful for that. 


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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for working so hard to be our photographer! I know you had to make so many sacrifices and I can't tell you how much we appreciated it! and always will as we look back on those pictures!

    Also, dying over that picture with all the baby strollers hahahah momfia is pretty accurate!


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