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We spent the first month or so of my postpartum life cooped up inside on the couch dealing with all sorts of "fun" postpartum things. I was completely unprepared in terms of knowing what to do with myself as I was working to recover from my c-section. Anything that involved using my abdominal muscles was pretty tough (most of all getting in and out of bed for those first few days-- hence why we opted to just sleep on the couch for a few weeks). I lived in adult diapers and motrin was my best friend (yay for meds!). It took me a solid week or two to really feel like I was able to start bouncing back to reality after having the baby. When I was three weeks postpartum, I was feeling pretty fantastic! I was starting to get the hang of breast feeding, naps, and the over-all care for Billie and my body was starting to feel more like it belonged to me (other than the breast feeding thing, that is). Things were going very smoothly and I felt as if my c-section recovery was going exceptionally well (and fast)!

And, of course, that's exactly when I ended up in the ER with a couple of dang kidney stones! (Which makes me laugh because that really is just my luck.) I suddenly woke up and was writhing about in pain from about midnight until we finally headed to the emergency room around 9:00am. I was puking, aching all over, and miserable as could be and it all felt like it came on so suddenly. I had no idea what was even going on with my body, either. I kept exclaiming, "I think I'm just being dramatic!" to Taylor because I didn't understand how I could have fallen asleep perfectly fine only to wake up in immense amounts of pain and not be able to find any relief. But that's kidney stones for ya! I had three of those little suckers just hanging out and waiting to cause chaos. Come to find out, pregnant women are more susceptible to kidney stones (I know, as if pregnancy isn't hard enough on its own).

We spent a few hours in the ER; they hopped me up on some really nice pain meds (that apparently made me happily exclaim, "I don't know why I'm ever NOT on drugs! These are niiiiiicceeee," to Taylor), gave me a whole bunch of fluids (because I was very dehydrated at that point), did some scans, and then let me know that I was harboring a couple of stones. They gave me a prescription for more pain meds (which just so happened to be the same ones I received after my c-section... and I was constipated for two weeks because of them. yikes, right?), told me to drink oodles and oodles of water, and then sent me merrily on my way. I was still feeling pretty awful as we were leaving the ER and I totally ended up puking in the hospital parking lot.

Wow, pardon that nice little tangent there! Long story short, it was a roughhhh couple of weeks post-baby. But in a really horribly hysterical kind of way. On the bright side, baby girl is an angel and so that made things a whole lot more manageable. (Like, we're talking she only wakes up two times on a "bad" night. She usually only wakes up once... but last night she slept for seven whole hours!) The pictures at the beginning of this post were of the first day I really got out of the house after we had Billie Rose. It was pretty awesome, to say the least. We walked ourselves over to the park near our home (which really wasn't all that far away but it somehow managed to exhaust me) and spent some time sitting out in the late autumn sun. There's something so healing and refreshing about going for a walk. And sitting in sunlight (even when it's cold). That first walk was such a monumental moment (for more reasons than one!) that we had to document it. Now that things are going a whole lot better, we've managed to go on lots of mini adventures with the baby!

As of Friday, I am officially six weeks postpartum! I can't believe it's already been six weeks, but at the same time, I can't believe we've only had Billie in our lives for six weeks (it feels like we've had her for so much longer!?). Things are going very well and I'm feeling really good. I've been given the clear to start working out and doing heavy lifting (although, my doc did make a joke that went something along the lines of, "Okay, so you're allowed to go back to life as usual... except for housework. You can't do that for a year. I'll send you home with a note so your husband complies.") And I guess that now I don't have much of an excuse anymore and I better start workin' off all of that baby weight that has decided it wants to stick around for a while (not going to lie, it was kind of nice to have an excuse for not working out...). Here goes to trying to "get back to life as normal!"

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  1. Eeep, you are so lucky that she sleeps so well! Maybe don't mention that too much on the blogosphere ;) But, you know, you can send that memo to my (almost) ten month old any time you want. Haha. It gets even better. He's been sleeping through lately, so I'm actually starting to feel like a normal human. You know, one who is far too caffeinated and still goes to sleep at a stupid-late time anyway. I'm so sorry about your kidney stones! That is the absolute worst. I hope your recovery is going a lot smoother now. Motherhood, am I right?


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