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We've been spending the majority of our days curled up together as the sunlight from the chilly world outside sneaks it's way through our windows and dances upon our faces. Sometimes I let my thoughts wander into a strange oblivion that fills my mind all kinds of "mom guilt." You know, the "your house should be cleaner," "You can't let your baby sleep on your chest or else she'll get used to it," or, when you find yourself scrambling to get things done, "why aren't you holding your kid? Stop what you're doing and pick her up because she won't be teeny-tiny forever," kinda mom guilt. Isn't it funny how, no matter how much you're doing, you can still manage to feel like you're not doing enough? What's even more hysterical is the fact that, often times, your guilt-ridden thoughts tend to directly contradict each other. 

I've learned over the past week or so that the only real way to combat mom guilt is to really strive to focus on being grateful! Gratitude can become such a powerful tool in life when you put forth the effort to focus on it. So, instead of letting mom guilt invade your brain and take over your precious thoughts, be proactive about filling your head up with lots of good stuff.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to wake up each morning and be a stay at home mom during the day. Who knows how long this precious little phase of life will last? I'm embracing it while I can. I'm grateful for a cute baby girl who is mostly content most of the time. I'm grateful for a supportive and loving husband who is constantly reminding me how "awesome" I am. I am grateful for all of the educational resources about caring for babies that I have right at my fingertips. I grateful for loving mentors who I can go to in times of need. I'm grateful for lots and lots of baby cuddles. I'm grateful for a pup who is gentle and sweet to the new little addition in our family. I'm grateful for naps. I'm grateful for friends and family who whole-heartedly believe in us!

There's so much to be grateful for that, in all reality, ain't nobody got time to worry about dumb ol' mom guilt. We're too busy feeling blessed, right? 


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