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Yesterday I ate pizza in bed, today I'm eating Oreos in bed. Sometimes my dog evolves into a glorified squeaky toy (but only when he gets frustrated because he's been outside for too long). People say that Billie Rose has my eyes, nose, and lips... but that she looks more like Taylor (which really confuses Taylor hahaha). We've now taken Billie to the movies on two different occasions-- once to see Coco and the other time (which was only a few days ago) to see the new Star Wars movie. She's a movie-going champion baby. We set up a studio in our unfinished basement-- it's ghetto, but  sometimes ghetto is also awesome. I've been burning through Christmas candles like it's my job. I'm trying not to be sad about the fact that it still hasn't snowed and Christmas is just over a week away. Sometimes I wish I could harness mystical Joanna Gaines powers and decorate my house in a cute way (but I'm also very accepting of the fact that I have about as many interior design skills as a pet rock). Kingsley is currently wearing a Christmas sweater that is a wee bit too small and it's hysterical. Billie figured out how to suck her thumb but she's still kind of awkward about it haha. We got a new rug for our living room and we got it all situated under the couch... and yet somehow it's moving!? Billie just simultaneously tooted and sneezed at the same time lol. Christmas movies are so cheesy but I love them for some reason. Fun fact: Kingsley actually has like... five chins hahaha. I'm already dreading summertime because I feel like I never know what to wear during the summer... but I'm also way excited for summer for completely different reasons. Weekends make me happy because I get to spend excessive amounts of time with my people. But Sunday evening always ends up coming around way too fast and Monday is always riding it's tail. My head is always so full of so many thoughts (most of which are entirely unimportant). Sometimes it's nice to just dump out the contents of my skull somewhere tangible where I can see all my thoughts all at once. It gets crowded up in my head, afterall.


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