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I've been soaking neck-deep in all of the perks of this time of year-- boots + sweaters, Christmas music, Christmas decor, hot chocolate, the Festival of Trees, Temple Square and it's magnificent lights, gift buying and giving (which is so much fun for me), gift wrapping (which... I wish I was good at but I'm totally not), dressing Billie up in festive attire (Kingsley too-- he's currently wearing a Christmas sweater lol), and always thinking it's 10pm when it's only 6pm because the sun sets so early these days.

I remember, when I was younger and the Christmas season would roll around each year, I'd constantly fantasize about what life would be like during the holidays when I was "older," married, and had children of my own. It's weird to think that I'm already here-- right in the moment I'd daydream about as a child. I've found it both ironic and amusing that I'm right where I'd always dreamed I'd be and yet I constantly catch myself dreaming about what next year's holiday season is going to be like when Billie is a year old. What is it about the future that captures our thoughts so easily? It's so easy to neglect the present with all of these thoughts about the unknown future.

I've made it a goal of mine to practice being better at living in the moment. It's not a bad thing to think about how things might be someday, but it detracts from the way things are right now. It's okay to think about the way things were and to try to dream up how things may one day may be, but it's also immensely important to turn the dial back to the experiences that are taking place right in front of you every moment of every day you're currently living. If you think about it, you're living in the future of your childhood and you're living in the past of your senior years. You've spent so much time daydreaming about how your life would be at this very moment and one day you're going to spend time casting thoughts back upon how things are right now. So live it up. Breathe in the excitement, cling tightly to all of the littlest details that make your days merry and bright, and remember to keep your thoughts centered right here, right now.

It's the Christmas Season and, I promise, you don't want to miss it.

baby bracelets: gems by laura | romper: little one shop co | bow: baby bling


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