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I can already tell that one of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to be forcing Billie girl to get a photo with Santa each year. (Okay, when I put it that way, it sounds like I'm some kind of a monster parents or something. I won't force... I'll kindly invite and if that doesn't work, I'll resort to bribery.) I already imagine myself, years down the road, comparing the photos we take each year and feeling sentimental about how much she changes from year to year. Heck, she changes so much from month to month that I can't even let myself begin to think about what she'll be like in a year! This year's photos, however, crack me up because our sweet little thing can't seem to keep her head up thanks to her chubby little cheeks weighing her poor head down (hahaha). I love her so much. And I love how awkward she looks in these photographs. 

Merry Christmas, baby girl.


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