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Somehow I'm surviving strictly off of a diet of dino-nuggets and sparkling water. So, in a round about way, my child is also surviving strictly off of dino-nuggets and sparkling water. I'm not sure how we're still alive, to be honest, but here we are! We're survivors. // Tay and I are currently working on planning out our trips for the year and I couldn't be more excited. We haven't gone anywhere for a hot minute (I guess being massively pregnant and having a baby can slow you down like that haha) so we're pretty anxious to get out on some trips! // Christmas. Duh. Christmas just deserves to be on my happy list, okay? // We had a lil' dinner with my cute brother and his cute girlfriend this week. I'm low-key praying they get married because I really, really like her (but shhhh don't tell them I said that). They're still in high school so I'm sure my mother wouldn't appreciate me giving them any ideas haha. // Billie is the best baby in the whole world and she's constantly reminding me how lucky I am to be her mom by doing really cool things like sleeping when she's supposed to and smiling a ton. // Speaking of smiling, homegirl is honestly the happiest, most content little girl in the whole world. I'm constantly catching her smiling and giggling and cooing and I cannot get enough of it!

Our home is coming together more and more with each passing day. It's a slow process, but it's a rewarding process! // I got a nasty poop stain out of one of Bill's cute, lighter colored outfits and I was so happy I could cry. Baby poop is insane. And blowouts are even more insane. // There have been several moments this week when I put Billie down for a nap and should have worked on a bunch of stuff that needed to get done... but I didn't. Instead, I picked her back up, curled up next to her, and held her while she slept. Those moments made me extremely happy. I love my baby girl-- I want to soak up this time of life while she's still so little. // I'm actually really excited for the new year! Baffled that it's already so close, yes, but excited. A new year is such a great excuse to set new goals and hold yourself accountable again. // Last night Tay and I were playing with garage band on my ipad and we ended up making the weirdest (but also kinda cool??) song where the only words in it were "Billie Rose." Billie even woke up at one point and started crying... and we included that in the song too. hahaha we're so weird. // We also sat and played with the photo-booth app on my iPad for about half an hour last night. I now have a camera roll full of really stupid photos that don't seem quite as funny as they did last night lol. I can just imagine Billie being the responsible and mature one in our family... I mean, so far she still manages to act more mature than Tay and I at times and she's an infant! // I've been really, really grateful to be married to my best friend. It's even more fun knowing that we've been best friends for such a long period of time. We did the math the other day (don't worry, it wasn't difficult math haha) and we found out that in just three years we will have known each other longer than we didn't know each other in this life. That's kinda cool, right? //


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