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Taylor took Billie and I out on a little drive tonight because we were going stir crazy after being stuck inside the house all day. We ended up pulling over next to this cute park that had Christmas lights strung up from every single tree. Billie girl stared up at the twinkling lights with a look of total fascination on her face as we strolled slowly through the park. Then, just as we were getting ready to get into the car and head back home, itty bitty flakes of snow began to drift ever so gently from the grey sky above. It was MAGICAL. 

I remember, years and years ago, when I was learning the months of the year, I'd always get June and July mixed up. So, when I recited the months, I'd always mumble my way through those two months. That memory randomly popped into my head the other day and it made me laugh. 

I've finished all of my Christmas shopping and I'm feeling pretty good about myself! Now I just have to finish wrapping everything (which is the hardest part-- I am not skilled in the art of gift-wrapping). 

One of our friends just texted us this freaking cute photo of Billie Rose and Taylor that he took on one of his film cameras. I'm obsessed (but also laughing so hard right now). 

I keep hearing little kissy noises coming from the other room. Taylor is currently cuddling baby girl and apparently loving it. I love how much he loves her. It makes my mom-heart swell. She loves him too-- on nights when she gets fussy and I can't seem to get her to calm down, her daddy always can. We call him the baby whisperer.

The new rug we got for Billie's nursery. I wasn't sure how it would look in her room.... but I'm officially in love with how it's all coming together! (We still have so much to do before it's "done..." but we're slowly making progress!)

Billie Rose's chubby cheeks. And thighs. And her double chin. This little girl can EAT. I can hardly even keep up with her. She's just showin' off these days with all of her cute little rolls. She makes me swoon. I love her so much. (Sorry if you're gagging over how obsessed I am with my child. I can't help myself, OKAY!?)

I got to take a nap today. It was one-hundred percent unintentional... but it was just what I needed! I put Billie down for a nap and then I sat down to watch her sleep (because I'm creepy like that hahaha) and before I knew it, I was out cold!

Taylor bought me some Christmas stickers. I have a really insane sticker collection... I blame living in Korea for that. But really, I have an insane (and also pretty impressive) collection of stickers. I call them my "journal emojis" because I use them to make the pages of my journal more exciting.

Anyway, I'm really happy. What's made you happy lately?

leather diaper bag: Lily Jade | green baby blanket: saranoni


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