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I've been getting packages in the mail basically every day for the past week-- I'm a child and I love getting things in the mail. It's definitely the Christmas season, ya'll. // It's December 1st somehow and I'm elated that the Christmas season is upon us (but also mildly bewildered that the year is almost over?!) // Billie is starting to learn how to put herself to sleep. And she's only been waking up once a night for the past few weeks-- I think we're almost to the point of her sleeping through the night! (We can't take any credit as parents for that, though, she's an angel baby who teaches herself to be self-sufficient). // Our backyard finally has a fence so Kingsley officially has his own "realm" again. // Taylor is currently out picking up some Costa Vida burritos for our date night tonight (which entails us eating together on our couch while binge watching netflix-- so romantic). // Discovering that what everyone tells you about having a baby is absolutely wrong (and I mean that in the most respectful way, of course); having a baby isn't the end of your life, having a baby just makes life way more fun. // I attended the festival of trees (a festive display of HUNDREDS of gorgeous, decorated trees, wreaths, etc) for the first time in probably eight years and it brought back so many fun childhood memories! I can't wait to begin all kinds of fun holiday traditions for our little family. That's my favorite thing about holidays-- the traditions! // I found a huge bag of sour gummy worms for sale at Target. // Today is Kingsley's second birthday. Happy birthday, pup. // Life has been oh-so-sweet for us these last few weeks! I'm feelings super happy (and super tired).


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  1. Your motherhood experiences make me want to have babies ASAP. I am glad everything is going well for you!! Keep the posts coming!


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