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Thanksgiving this year was super simple and super sweet. We ate an awesome thanksgiving feast with Tay's cute family and then proceeded to carry on the family tradition of going to see the new Disney movie that comes out on Thanksgiving. This year's movie was Coco and, if I'm being honest, I wasn't so sure if I was going to love the movie or not. But I ADORED it! Seriously, such a good movie. I'd recommend it to anyone! Sidenote: Taylor randomly decided to shave off all of his facial hair without telling me! He disappeared for a few minutes and came back looking like the kid I knew all the way back in high school! It definitely surprised me-- but to anyone who might miss his beard: don't worry, it will be back in no time!

I've always loved Thanksgiving because it's a time to gather around a table surrounded by my favorite people and topped with all of my most-favorite foods. It's nice to take a break from the real world momentarily in order to take the time to dedicate an entire weekend to focusing on the things you're grateful for. This year I'm feeling especially grateful for the life I've been given and the loved ones who are a part of it. I'm grateful to be a mom. I'm grateful to be a wife. I'm grateful to have a warm home to share with my husband and baby. I'm grateful for the talents I've been blessed with and the opportunities that I've been granted. I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful place (Utah, you rock). I'm grateful for my beliefs and the way that religion has influenced my life. I'm grateful to have been able to overcome the challenges that have been thrown my way this year. I'm grateful for my cute dog. I'm grateful that I spend the vast majority of my days feeling genuine happiness. I am grateful to be right where I'm at in life. Happy belated Thanksgiving, friends.


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