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Our newborn somehow morphed into a one month old baby in what feels like the course of five seconds. It's bizarre to me how quickly time can pass when you spend your days caring for a little human being who cannot care for themselves. I've been trying to add up all of the days and make sense of the fact that a whole month has passed since the day we met this sweet girl for the very first time, but none of it is really making sense in my head. She's been ours for a whole month! How lucky are we?

It's really starting to dawn on my just how quickly babies grow up. And it's insane to me that, at one point in my life, I was just as little and helpless as this sweet girl. And now I'm sitting here with a child of my own. My poor mother!! My heart is already starting to break and my baby is only a month old-- what am I going to do when she starts having babies of her own?


In honor of our sweet girl turning a month old, I decided I'm going to share a couple of things we've learned about her in our short month together.

Things she likes: pulling Dad's beard, spitting up all over Dad, listening to Jack Johnson, head rubs, and milk. Things she dislikes: when her binki falls out of her mouth and it's just out of her reach and when I don't feed her the very instant she's hungry. I know everyone says this about their child, but she really is a little angel. I've only heard her outright cry a couple of times (even though the poor thing is always so gassy) and she really only gets fussy when she's ready to eat. She has this "healing" aspect about her-- it's so neat to watch different types of people going through different things hold her because no matter what, the thing they all have in common is the way they light up when she looks up at them as they cradle her in their arms. There's something about her that's so special and so sweet that it's impossible to feel anything but joy when you hold her. She's been such a gift to us. We don't know what we did to deserve such a sweet, perfect little soul... but we're grateful for her every single day!

Happy one month, my little one!


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