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Halloween: my favorite, favorite holiday. On any other year, I'd be out and about participating in all sorts of crazy "halloween-y" festivities... but this year, however, things were much more slow paced and relaxed (due to the fact that we were celebrating with an eleven-day-old human). The furthest I made it from the house in my costume was our back porch. That's the reality of life with a newborn! But I'm not mad about it one bit-- what better way to spend Halloween than cuddling a tiny, squishy, adorable baby? We originally planned on sitting at home and passing out candy, but then we forgot to buy candy... so instead we sat at home and did our best to avoid the trick-or-treaters who showed up on our front porch (oops) while binge-watching Criminal Minds. 

We dressed up as a couple of cows, Billie girl dressed up as a kitty, and Kingsley dressed up as a farmer/cowboy/lumberjack man (???). We thought we were funny for dressing up as a bunch of animals while we dressed our dog up as a human.... not funny? Okay, moving on.

When I was trying to come up with a costume this year, I was trying to plan for something that would work if I was pregnant but that could also work if I weren't pregnant. The cow onesie just made sense to me. What's funny is the fact that I planned these costumes out a few months in advance! Little did I know that, by the time we'd actually be wearing the costumes, I'd be breast feeding my child and dealing with extremely (and when I say extremely, I mean EXTREMELY) leaky boobs! Oh, the irony! Basically, I'm a cow who dressed up as a cow. Anyway...

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Hallween!



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