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And just like that, another birthday has come and gone again. I'm another year older but my brain is still trapped in the false-reality of me believing I'm still a sixteen year old (granted... I'm married to the guy I hung out with all the time when I was sixteen... so that's clearly not helping the situation). Adulthood is basically just wandering around getting older each year while never feeling as old as you actually are. Yay!

My birthday this year was very sweet and simple-- just the way I wanted it to be! I got to spend the evening with my little family (eating queso and cuddling a whole bunch-- what more could a girl need!?) and as we all sat together (Kingsley included, of course), my heart swelled to a whole new size. It was extra, extra sweet to cuddle my baby girl all day long. As I sat thinking about birthdays, it hit me JUST how special birthdays really are! I will forever cherish my baby girl's birthday because it was the day she entered the world. It was the day I got to meet her and hold her for the very first time. Her birthday means so much to me! I've always been weird about birthdays because I never know what to do when extra attention is being directed my way (I'm socially awkward, okay)... but I think I came to a new sort of realization about why they're important and why they need to be celebrated yesterday. I want to celebrate others on their special day, so I suppose it's only fair that I allow others to celebrate me on my day, right? SO yeah, I was a good sport about Taylor telling the waiter at dinner last night that it was my birthday-- I only covered my face for half of the birthday song lol. 

I can't believe I'm as old as I am, I can't believe I have a baby and a home and a husband... but hey, here I am, living the life I always dreamed I would. It's pretty dang cool.


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