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My favorite part of each weekday is the moment when Tay walks into the house after getting home from work and we relish in the prospect of getting to spend the whole evening together, just the three of us. // My mother-in-law has come over every day this past week and has vacuumed my living room floor (because I'm not allowed to... which is so dumb haha) and spent time with me. // The fact that Billie girl has cuter clothes than I do and I don't even care! // I ate an entire sleeve of reese's all by myself. // When I catch Taylor kissing baby girl's cute cheeks. // The irony of the fact that the smallest human living in our home is somehow the one who produces the most dirty laundry. // Billie gets the hiccups every time she eats and it's adorable. // I left the house this week and I felt really proud of myself! // I'm getting the hang of the whole "breastfeeding in public" thing (probably doesn't really matter to anyone else... but I'm really proud of myself, okay?). // I wake up every morning and think to myself, "Wait, do I actually have a baby?" And then I roll over and stare down at her sweet face as she dozes away in the bassinet next to my bed. // We lucked out and somehow ended up with the sweetest baby girl. I'm beyond grateful for her!



  1. This whole list has made me so excited for my little boy to come!!! Ahhhh!

  2. Wait why can't you vacuum? Also you go girl for breastfeed and leaving the house! Babies with photographer moms are so lucky haha. Think of the variety of baby pictures they will have hahaha

    1. So, I had a c-section! You're specifically told not to do any heavy housework (and they mention vacuuming). Super weird but it makes sense because of how much incisions suck! But also, yes! haha I feel like I have my own little baby model.


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