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Being 36 weeks pregnant is fun... you no longer walk, you waddle. Your body feels like you just ran three consecutive marathons (not that I know what it's like to run even just one marathon... but I imagine the post-marathon exhaustion is relatable to the last month of pregnancy) even though the only "active" thing you've done all day was walk up a couple flights of stairs and fold a whole lot of baby clothes. You no longer sleep because who needs sleep anyway? *Everyone says the lack of sleep in the third trimester is just your body's way of "preparing you for the joys of having a newborn."* You're constantly on your toes because you never know when baby will kick you in just the right way that you'll simultaneously start puking. Your boobs leak like ol' faithful (tmi? Sorry...) You feel claustrophobic inside your own body. Your feet and legs start swelling and your face rounds out nicely like a ripe pumpkin. People think they have a valid excuse to stare at you... and when you awkwardly make eye contact, they just smile and say, "Boy or girl?" like everything is okay. You lose all sense balance... if you had any to begin with, that is (and, if you're like me, this makes you run a higher risk of spraining your ankle by simply getting out of bed). You spend every day anxiously awaiting the big day... even though you don't technically know exactly when that day will be (which is painfully miserable for people who are as OCD as me). Being 36 weeks pregnant is fun. 

But it's also oh-so-sweet. You feel little flutterings inside your belly at all hours of the day and you're reminded that there is a beautiful little soul growing and wiggling around within you. You befriend other random pregnant women at the grocery store simply because you both are in a similar phase of life and that makes you feel not so alone. You dream about what life will be like when you welcome your little human into the world and can't help but to feel extreme amounts of joy. You spend quiet moments in the nursery prepping for your child and are overwhelmed by the beauty and simplicity of life. Dogs love you (they really do-- perks of being pregnant, I suppose). You have the most valid excuse to raid your husband's closet and not get in trouble for it. You're SO close to the end! Being 36 weeks pregnant is oh-so-sweet. 

Four-ish more weeks until we meet this little baby. Unless she chooses to come early... or be fashionably late. Time will only tell, I suppose!


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