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Two years of marriage with my love... ten years as friends, nine months of growing a baby, and endless memories brimming with every emotion you can imagine. Our first year together was sweet, but this year has somehow managed to be even sweeter. Maybe that's how marriage goes-- it gets sweeter with every passing year. Our first year of marriage was filled with lots of moves, lots of traveling, and a whole lot of ironic situations that we couldn't help but to laugh about. In this year of marriage, we visited Norway, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Idaho. We only moved once but we found ourselves back in our hometown where it all started for us. We sat on a bathroom floor all cuddled together while holding a positive pregnancy test. We're going to welcome a baby girl into the world. We leapt over countless obstacles together and overcame difficult circumstances that seemed nearly impossible to conquer. We encouraged and supported each other in big career and life decisions and took scary leaps into the unknown. We purchased our first home. We've learned more about ourselves and each other with every passing day. We went on a million and one walks, countless drives up the canyon, and have spent more nights than we can even count curled up on the couch together eating domino's pizza and watching netflix. I love this man more than words could ever adequately express. And I love him more with every passing day.

Here's to two years of romance and chaos.
And here's to hoping for a million more.



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