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One of my all-time favorite fall activities also just so happens to be one of the most "cliche" activities to do here in good ol' Utah during this time of year: Cornbelly's. My mom's work used to get our family tickets every year and it became somewhat of a family tradition to go each year when October finally rolled around. I really do think we've been going ever since Cornbelly's first began (who knows how many years ago that was). This year, in particular, it's bigger and better than it has ever been before! Tay and I purchased season tickets (because I'm a Cornbelly's junkie and my mom's work no longer gets tickets) and we've already been on three separate occasions... and have somehow only JUST scraped the surface of all that there is to do.

I honestly was so stunned to see all of the various activities, rides, shows, and food stands that are all a part of the festivities this year! The first time we went, we went with a group of married couples and managed to stay thoroughly entertained for about two and a half hours (we ran rampant through the corn maze, kicked soccer balls as hard as we could at designated targets, played a massive game of volleyball and participated in a series of "challenges" where we'd compete against each other in various activities, just for fun-- talk about good old-fashioned fun). We tagged along with our sister-in-law, Brooke, and her three cute little family the other two times we attended. It doesn't matter how old you are or whether or not you have kids attending with you, Cornbelly's is a total blast (in my own, humble opinion). 

Brooke just had her sweet baby boy in August and we've loved getting to love on him as we wait for our own little babe to join in on all of the fun. I kept finding myself sneaking little peeks at him through his carseat cover when no one else was watching. The way his little lips sit when he sleeps SLAYS me! I keep joking that we'll be lucky if our own baby is half as cute as that little angel baby boy. It's so surreal to think that we'll have our own little sleepy babe before long (I know I say that all the time... but I'm so serious! I honestly cannot fathom that we're actually having a baby)!

It was kind of a neat experience to see Taylor run around keeping our cute little niece entertained for an evening. It gave me little flash-forward glances into what it may be like for us in a few years when the little girl he's carrying around on his shoulders and tossing into the air is our own. He's been known as the "baby whisperer" since he was about fourteen-years-old because he's always been so  dang good with kids. I'm already convinced that all of our kids will love him more than me because he's going to be such a cool and fun dad-- I'm okay with it, though, because I love the man to pieces so I can't blame them for loving him too!

Typically, when it comes to Cornbelly's, I'm the kind of adult who runs around with all of the tots and participates in all of the fun little activities and ropes courses (because I'm five years old and I have no intention of ever growing up). This year has been super weird for me, though, because I'm nine-flippin-months pregnant and everyone keeps telling me that I need to "take it easy." I always laugh... until I feel the weight of all the fluid hanging out in my womb and my body tells me that it's "done" by aching and aching until I finally have to stop everything and crawl into bed. Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant... but never for too long because my body is really good at hurting in order to remind me! 

It's been interesting to somewhat "stand back" and enjoy Cornbelly's from a different perspective this year. Rather than participating in all of the little activities that aren't particularly pregnancy-friendly, I've instead discovered all of the best food options that are available (hahaha talk about "typical pregnant lady"). So far my most-favorite thing about Cornbelly's (in terms of food) has been their apple cider slushies!!! I kid you not-- they are LIFE CHANGING. I've introduced the slushies to everyone we've gone to Cornbelly's with this year and I've yet to meet a person who doesn't love them. If you have plans to go to Cornbelly's, make sure you get yourself one of those delicious slushies (that's an order). The hot chocolate, cups of cookies, scones, and donuts are also very yummy. And their deep fried corn dogs. And... well, it's all good. All of it. 

I'm pretty proud of myself for getting out and celebrating fall by fitting as much fall goodness into the month of October as possible despite the fact that my body is protesting everything I do. These last few weeks of pregnancy are definitely killer. Everyone warned me that they would be, but I didn't fully understand it until I arrived at the last few weeks of pregnancy myself. I think that we, as humans, always like to assume that we're "stronger" and "tougher" than the norm... but when it comes to pregnancy, take my word for it: THE LAST FEW WEEKS ARE KILLER. Your body hurts in ways you never knew it could and it just keeps getting worse and worse... and apparently the only "cure" for all this pregnancy pain and discomfort is finally giving birth to your baby (I guess I'll confirm or deny that when it actually happens for me hahaha)!

I'm just grateful for awesome people who support me in my insanity when I say I want to go to Cornbelly's even though I'm basically bursting at the seams and ready to pop out a baby at any moment. YOLO, right?

And what better way to end this post than with a photo of a baby who was more than ready to be done with Cornbelly's for the day? One of the things I love about kids is the fact that they can so accurately express (without any inhibition) the way all of us feel by the end of the night-- haha. Kids are the best, I'm tellin' ya. Anyway, Cornbelly's rocks. Maybe we'll make it back again one more time before we have a baby... but maybe not? Only one way to find out!



  1. You are so adventurous ahah. I have cramps and want to stay home all day. I can't imagine what it will be like to have crampsx10 and be pregnant! I'll probably become a hermit hahaha.

    Anyway, I'm v excited for you and to see your cute baby and what you name it! And also your parenting style! You guys are seriously going to be the best parents!

    1. Oh, I soooo wanted to stay home. But I also knew that once I had the baby, I'd be spending excessive amounts of time at home! So this was me making an effort to save my sanity by getting out and doing things before I was confined to the four walls of my home!

      You're so sweet for saying that-- we'll just have to wait and see what happens with all of this crazy baby stuff!

  2. Whyyyyy did you name her Billie? ��

    1. We named her after two people in our lives who mean the world to us! Billy is the name of my grandfather and Rose is the name of Taylor's grandmother. Those two individuals impacted our lives in ways we cannot even begin to explain! It meant a lot to us to be able to incorporate them into what we named our baby girl. So, her name has a lot of personal meaning and importance to us!

  3. Thanks for telling the story! I just really wanted to know how you got that sweet girls name. :)
    She is so beautiful by the way! Congrats! Will you be doing a blog post about her birth story?

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I am currently working on doing a post about her birth story.. but there's so much to go along with it so it may take me a second!


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