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The fact that the canyon looks as if it has been set on fire with all of the crazy autumn oranges, reds, and golds overtaking the summer greens. // The song My Love by 3rd & Union. // Going on a walk around the temple with seven awesome people and four really cute dogs. // Folding and putting away all of our cute baby clothes. // The fact that Taylor was eating ice cream out of a pink mug that says "world's best mom" on it. // I've gotten to spend two awesome years married to the coolest dude ever. // Kind people who go completely out of their way to put a little goodness in your life. // Cool autumn nights spent among corn mazes, apple cider, and apple-flavored donuts. // The four cute old ladies  with white hair who sit together in the same spot during sacrament meeting at church every week. // Chili's white spinach queso. YUM. // All of the Halloween movies currently on Netflix. // Those little moments when Taylor just smiles and places his hand on my belly without ever actually saying anything. // The extremely festive Christmas sweater Tay wore to church this week. // Happy news!! Our friends who live in Virginia are flying out for a few days to come and meet our baby girl once she arrives! // Finally getting around to hanging a few things up on the walls in our new home. // Day dreaming about what our baby is going to look like. // Sour gummy candy. // Hot baths. // Puppy cuddles (as always). // The fact that it's October.


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