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This past weekend was nothing short of utter chaos. We moved out of our old apartment a few weeks early and "camped out" in Tay's parent's basement until our new home was finished. We decided to throw away almost everything we owned in the first portion of the move... so we really didn't have too much stuff to worry about when it came to packing up a box truck and moving our things from a storage unit to the new place. BUT, once we got all of our possessions relocated into our new abode, we had all kinds of strangers showing up on our front porch delivering things like our new fridge, a couch, blinds, etc.! (The blinds took a few days to actually get here and let me tell you, it's real exciting to have all of your windows wiiiiide open all day long so that everyone can see what you're doing at all times. Thankfully that only lasted for a few days!)

It feels SO good to finally be settled in a place of our very own! We've gotten the majority of things organized and put away but we definitely have a couple of boxes hanging out in the spare room that are pleading not to be forgotten (I'll get around to those eventually...). We're working on baby's room and getting all of the finishing touches to make everything feel more like "home" (although, it will probably take a little longer than we expect and we're okay with that)! Wish us luck with that.

And, a word for the wise, if at all possible, AVOID going through a big move when you're 35 weeks pregnant.



  1. Congratulations on the new house! That is very exciting. It'll probably be so nice to be out of an apartment!

  2. Congrats on the new home! Where is it?
    Your parents did the same thing . . . and Cassie was born right after.

    1. It's back in our good ol' hometown!
      And I didn't even put that together. So crazy.


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