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We followed winding roads up into the cool, overcast mountains yesterday evening. I was up the canyon just last week but things are so different now than they were then. Bursts of orange and gold have begun to scatter across the treetops. It's almost as if the sudden drop in temperatures brought with it a sudden change in seasons. We pulled our car off to the side of the road and let a dirt path guide us into a thicket of trees that looked as if it had been painted to resemble fire. We heard whispers of the coming Fall. I gathered up fallen leaves and put them carefully in my pocket to take home with me. 

I think if the substance of my soul looked like anything, it would look like Autumn. Ever since I was a young girl, I craved the stinging kiss of the cool September breeze upon my rosy cheeks and the way the earth smells as it prepares for a long, cold winter. I love wearing a cozy sweater and cradling a hot beverage in my hands while cruising through a city of towering pines and aspens that have turned to gold. That's the thing about Autumn, she has the touch of gold. Everything that crosses her path turns to fire or turns to gold. And I think that's one of the many reasons why I admire her. She makes change look good. 

When we got married, Taylor quickly embraced my excessive love of the Fall season. We got married in mid-October-- our reception was held in the backyard of his parent's house. Leaves drifted down slowly from their summer home in the trees and danced towards the ground so perfectly that it almost seemed as if we had asked them to do so. We had a small fire burning and it's soft smoke curled up towards the heavens and tickled the under-belly of the crescent moon above. Every year, as October draws nigh, I think back to all of the beautiful memories that have been created this time of year and my heart wants to sing. 

This year we'll be adding yet another sweet memory to our collection when a small October baby makes her grand appearance in our life. Maybe she'll learn to love Autumn as much as we do.

There has been so much on my mind lately. That drive through the mountains was like a healing for remedy for my anxious heart. So much is going to change so fast-- fitting that it's all taking place as the seasons are changing too. I am now in my 34th week of pregnancy. This little babe has about six more weeks to grow inside my belly before she makes her grand debut takes her first breath of air, joining us in this grand existence. I'm glad that she's coming in October. I'm glad that she's coming when she is. 

We've gone on a date every night this week. I'm grateful for him. I'm grateful for our love-- it's the kind of love that keeps us laughing, the kind of love that keeps us confident, the kind of love that keeps us safe. I've known him for ten of the twenty-somethin' short years of my life. I can't imagine taking on the future and all that lies unknown with anyone else. I'm in love with him-- I'm in love with our love. Yesterday was one of those days that filled up my heart with lots of joy and gratitude-- and it was so full that all of that joy and gratitude is spilling over into today as well.



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