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We did our maternity photos a few weeks back (around 32ish weeks, I think) and we got them back on Monday! I honestly really like how they turned out-- we were going for somewhat of a "halloween" vibe because a). I'm a freak about October and I constantly joke that I have a black soul... and b). baby is coming right around Halloween! I originally wasn't planning on doing a maternity session (because I'm sorry, but it's SO hard to actually feel "cute" while you're pregnant), BUT I came to the realization that this is such a sweet and crazy time of life and I will want to remember it someday (even if I feel like a whale).

We've only got about four weeks left before this baby girl makes an appearance in our lives. I can't believe that we're already as far along as we are... I swear, this year just barely began but we're already coming up on the month of October. It used to feel so far away and now it's looking us straight in the eye. There's still so much we need to get done but I'm feeling nothing but peace about everything that is currently taking place in our life. 




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