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We're in yet another stage of "limbo." It seems as if we've spent most of our married life in various stages of limbo... we're constantly making big changes that force us into having to deal with all the chaos between one stage of life to the next. Limbo is a difficult place to be, but I'll go out on a limb here and say it's much more difficult this time around seeing as I'm eight months pregnant and whatnot. (PSA: try to avoid making any major changes to your life when you're about ready to have a baby and experience the biggest change of your life.)

But all the chaos aside, there's something sweet about this limbo, in particular-- it feels different. Maybe it's the stage of life we're about to enter? Maybe it's the fact that these are our last months to spend "alone"? Maybe it's the fact that we're welcoming the coming of Autumn (and it tones down the fact that we're in the middle of madness at the moment)? Whatever it is, this limbo feels different. It's difficult, nonetheless, but there's more sweetness to be found amidst the chaos, it seems, than there was before.

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People keep asking us about potential baby names and we just keep shrugging our shoulders and saying, "Well.... we kind of have a list??" Which is true... we have a list. There are lots of names we like but we can't quite seem to find the name we love. Coming up with a girl name is harder than it seems, in my opinion. For us, picking out a boy name was so much easier! (But everyone I talk to says that girl names are way easier for them than boy names...) We had the name set and ready to go... but then we found out we were having a girl. So, here we are, wading through our list of names and getting more and more anxious the closer we get.

But we have a carseat. So we're good to go, right? The carseat has been sitting on a pingpong table in Tay's parent's basement (where we're temporarily residing) right in the perfect place for us to see it every single day. It's the perfect reminder that things are about to get very real very fast. I caught myself sitting and staring at it yesterday afternoon-- my thoughts filled its empty seat with an imaginary child who's arms and legs reached eagerly up towards the sky. She turned her tiny face towards me and smiled the sweetest smile. I realized I'd let my thoughts wander into oblivion and I quickly pulled myself back to reality. But I keep wondering what she's going to look like. I wonder what things she'll like, what things she'll hate, what things she'll find funny... it's going to be the most insanely beautiful moment of my entire existence when I finally get to meet this sweet babe.

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