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Tay and I recently got these new phone cases from CaseStationUSA and we couldn't be more excited about them! We carefully combed through the photographs we have taken over the last six or so months and ended up selecting these two images to carry around with us everyday. We put a photo of a waterfall we passed while road-tripping through Norway on Tay's case (because he's been feeling really homesick over Norway for the last little while) and a shot of Multnomah Falls on mine (because that was hands-down one of my favorite trips we have gone on together)! 

It's so fun to be able to have little reminders of those happy experiences in a place where we get to see them often-- it's fun to remember! Every time I see my phone now, I get little flashbacks of all the fun memories we created in Oregon. Also, from one photo-taker to another, it's just really cool to have a photograph you took yourself come to life like that in such a unique and cool way. It makes me want to show off my cool phone case to anyone who is willing to sit and look at it (that sounds way more desperate written out than it did in my head lol). 

I'm kind of a phone-case whore and I have a million and one cases for my phone because I like being able to switch it up. But I think this one will stay for quite some time.


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