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We purchased a $22 KING SIZED blanket from Costco that has been life-changing. I kid you not, it's the softest, coziest blanket I have ever owned and it's just bonus points that it's gigantic! Tay and I go into a mini nap-coma every single time we snuggle up together beneath it. So that's pretty awesome. // We are going to put together the nursery this weekend and the anticipation of doing so is making me so happy. // Our home is pretty well put together already and I'm impressed with us because we got the keys for it last Friday. One week in and feeling pretty fantastic about it all! // This weekend is conference weekend and I'm anxiously awaiting all of the lovely words we're going to hear. conference weekend happens only TWICE a year and it's one of my favorite things. // I put a sweater on Kingsley earlier this week (because he would come in shivering every time he had to go out to pee) and he looks so dang cute in it. // Cinnamon Life cereal and almond milk. Yum. // Getting packages in the mail and feeling like it's Christmas every single time I get to open a new box. // THIS Cafe Rio sweet pork recipe. And THIS tomatillo ranch dressing recipe. You're welcome. // Somehow the bolts for our bed frame got lost in the moving process... so we were sleeping on our mattress on the floor... but Taylor finally found the bolts and we have a normal bed again! Yay! // Those sparkling flavored waters from Walmart. Yeah, I like those. // Putting away baby clothes and imagining our own tiny little human wearing all of the cute tiny clothes. // A good night's sleep. // Crock pot meals (because they're so easy and so yummy). // Cooler weather and sweaters. // Cornbelly's is open! I haven't gone yet... but I intend to... before I'm massively pregnant. //


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