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There was all sorts of hype about the solar eclipse... and we didn't quite catch on to any of it until an hour before things were supposed to go down and Taylor called me from work enthusiastically exclaiming, "HEY. I think I want you to drive down here and watch the eclipse with me!" The thing with jumping on the bandwagon that late in the game, however, was this: all the eclipse goggles/glasses (whatever you want to call them) were completely sold out EVERYWHERE. So, we settled on gazing up at the eclipse through a welding helmet (and stealing other people's glasses when when feasible).

We met up with Tay's big brother and his wife in an open field and gazed up at the sun during the "best" moment of the eclipse. We didn't reach full totality in Utah, unfortunately, but we got to about 91%, I believe. It was so interesting to see how the lighting changed (it almost seemed dream-like) and how the temperature dropped as the eclipse grew stronger and stronger. Such a surreal experience! 

We've officially decided that next time, we're going to wherever we need to go in order to see the eclipse in its full glory of totality. We were honestly kind of bummed that we didn't abandon all adult responsibilities this time around and make the trip up to Idaho! You live and you learn, right?

Wanna know what else is cool? The partial eclipse of my toes. #30weeks



  1. You owe it to yourselves to see a total solar eclipse before you die. Trust me on this.

    1. Oh, I take your word for it! We're seriously already planning a trip for the next one!


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