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This weekend was one of those abnormal (and very rare) weekends that felt like three different weekends all combined into one. Somehow we managed to pack a million different things into the course of just a few days. Photo sessions, getting poked by way too many needles at the hospital, a weird freak-accident with a car breaking down up the canyon, taking care of our friend's baby kitty, acting as chauffeurs for a couple of teens, meeting up with old friends from high school-- you name it, we probably did it.  

Weekends tend to pass by so quickly-- and don't get me wrong, I can't believe this weekend is already dissolving into a new set of memories-- but it has been one of the longest weekends I've had in quite some time. This evening, to make up for doing so much over the past few days and bid the weekend farewell, we decided to do a whole bunch of nothing.

We scavenged our entire house for as many spare blankets and pillows as we could find and then, after laying down all of the back seats in our honda pilot, we dumped our pile of comfy-goods into the trunk of the car. (If Taylor had it his way, we'd probably permanently replace the back two rows of seats in our car with an old mattress and a whole bunch of pillows and then just move-in indefinitely to the trunk of our pilot.) We tossed a couple of lunch sacks full of assorted foods on top of all the pillows in the back before clamoring into the car ourselves and setting out for an evening adventure.

We made our way up Provo Canyon just as a swirl of mood, grey clouds creeped into the canyon and tickled the treetops, casting leaves in every direction upon huge gusts of wind. We kept our windows rolled all the way down so we could feel the cool nip of the late-summer breeze upon our skin. Kingsley duked his head out of the open window after crawling into my lap so he could get a better view of the trees speeding past our window. His ears flapped violently in the wind, which made him look rather majestic, if I do say so myself. We turned onto the road that leads up to Sundance + the Alpine loop and chucked to ourselves as we passed dozens of cars making their way out of the canyon to avoid the coming storm.

We've always been odd little ducklings, Tay and I. We watched the aspens quiver in the angry, stormy weather and our hearts filled up with so much happiness that we could hardly even contain ourselves. We adore rainy days and overcast skies. Really, with us, the moodier, the better. Tonight's weather reminded me of autumn and I kept saying, "If I could describe my soul in the form of weather, this would be it!" over and over again to Tay as we drove further and further up the canyon. 

We had a particular overlook in mind as we made our way further and further into the mountains. We backed our car into the parking lot, climbed into the make-shift bed in the back of our car and cuddled up close to each other with the back of the car open to the view before us. 

We sat there like that for a long time. Kingsley cuddled our legs and we cuddled each other. We talked about everything and sometimes we talked about nothing, and during a few quiet moments, we didn't talk at all-- we just sat and watched birds drift across the sky being carried by great gusts of wind. I'm grateful to share this life with Tay. I'm grateful for the comfortable love that we share and for all of the moments we have created together. Tonight was one of those nights where I was completely overwhelmed by the love I have for this man of mine. 

I'm officially in my third trimester of pregnancy and it's pretty insane to think that we've actually made it this far! I have a feeling that things are going to move pretty quickly from here on out (even though it feels like I've been pregnant for seven years and the thought of being pregnant for another three months is really intimidating because being pregnant is hard). Fun fact: I swear my belly grew three sizes this weekend alone. Everyone keeps telling me how miserable the last little bit of pregnancy gets and I'm only just beginning to get a taste of all the discomfort I'm going to get to experience. SOS. And I'm well-aware of the fact that I'm just going to keep on getting bigger and bigger until I'm about ready to pop. I already have a hard time shaving my legs and picking up things off of the ground-- can't wait to see me a month from now when I'll look at these photos and laugh about the fact that I thought I was "huge." 

For now I'll just patiently wait until my belly grows so big that it starts to hide my own toes from me. I'm also just going to wait for the day that my "innie" belly-button becomes an outie. Really though, my belly button looks different every single day and it's honestly hysterical! Maybe I should start documenting it with photographs every day to show how much in can change in just a 24 hour time period hahaha. Maybe we should all place bets on when we think it will finally "pop." Winner gets all of the clothes in my closet that don't fit me anymore (just kidding). 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and is well-prepared to take on the coming week with a sense of excitement and enthusiasm! It's always sad to watch another weekend go, but it's fun to be able to welcome a new week full of endless possibilities for adventures. Anyone have any really awesome plans for this week? I don't.... yet. But I will soon!


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