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I get people inquiring things like, "Who do you pay to follow you around everywhere and take pictures?" and "How can you and Taylor afford to have so many photos of the two of you?" on a pretty regular basis. I think it's funny, actually. Yes, we have tons of pictures of the two of us! I value those photos. I think they're true to who we are as individuals as well as who we are as a couple. But I take at least 80% of those photos by myself (insert proud grinning emoji here). You could say I'm very skilled in the art of self-timer + tripod photography.

So I decided I'd share a couple of hints and tips on how to get more photos of you and your love, you and your friends, you and your family, etc. using these few tricks!

1. The Tripod Maneuver: this one is pretty self-explanatory, clearly. Get yourself a tripod, set it up, place your camera on top of it, set the timer, and then sprint your little buns off to get in position! OR use a remote to snap the photos so you don't have to run as much (but you do have to figure out how to hide the trigger-- which can be really entertaining). I will say, I love the timer method just because it forces your photos to be much more candid (and sometimes yields many photos of you being a sweaty, hot mess lol). When you don't have time to get posey, your poses tend to be more "real," at least, that's my opinion.

2. The "Set and Pass" Maneuver: this is the number one thing I do when I'm traveling with Tay! I just set my camera to all the settings I like, do a test shot, and then ask a kind bystander to help us out by snapping a photo of us (I typically target cute couples who would also likely fancy having a photo of themselves as well. That way you can do a fancy little exchange of, "We'll snap some photos of you if you snap some photos of us!")

3. The Selfie Maneuver: pick the person with the longest arms, find  your widest lens, flip your camera around and hope for the best. (WARNING: this one may take 500+ tries before you actually get a photos that is cute, in focus, and not entirely awkward... but it makes for a pretty entertaining time going through the photos after the fact).

4. The Makeshift Tripod Maneuver: Don't have a tripod? That's okay. Find a nice park bench, rock, or even the roof of a car. Place your camera on top, and then follow the steps of the Tripod Maneuver. Easy as that! (WARNING: you may or may not lose your camera to the effects of gravity and a poorly stabilized make-shift tripod)

5. The Burst Maneuver: this one requires either a tripod or a makeshift tripod... but put your camera on burst mode and it will take ten consecutive photos in a row so it will increase your chances of actually getting a good shot. Or not... it really just depends on the day, to be honest.



  1. These are great shots!
    xx Nicki

  2. Ok YES. After your last post I realized my camera has interval mode and it has been a LIFESAVER! I just set it up, start the intervals, and it takes pictures for like a solid minute. It's nice b/c I don't have to go back and forth or hide a remote like I used to. SO THANK YOU!

    1. Oh, interval mode is honestly a game changer! I'm so glad that it's made a difference for you!

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