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bump: this week baby girl is about 3 pounds and she's roughly the size of a coconut. But it feels like she's more the size of a full-blown toddler because she's rapidly running out of womb (lol) and I genuinely feel like I'm the size of an elephant. The belly is noticeably bigger than it was even just last week! I've had several people comment on how "pregnant" I look these days and I just have to laugh because I readily concur. 

weight gain: 33 pounds and counting! But who knows, maybe I should go step on the scale again because I could be four pounds heavier today than I was yesterday-- I swear I've been blowing up like a balloon over the last few days! (Probably doesn't help that I'm basically permanently hungry...)

cravings: steak, sour gummy worms, pumpkin-flavored everything, little caesar's pizza + crazy bread, slurpees, korean food, more steak-- you get the idea.

movements: this kid never, ever, ever stops moving. Her favorite times of the day to play are early in the morning and late, late at night. I wasn't kidding when I say she's quickly running out of womb in there-- she's been really good at jabbing one of her limbs right into my ribcage over the course of the last week or so. It's extremely comfortable (note the sarcasm). But it's pretty cute to feel her moving around in there all the time. It's been making me extremely emotional because it's made it all feel so much more real. I not only look pregnant, but I actually feel pregnant now. I feel a connection to this baby that's unlike anything I thought I would feel and it's been so rad.

cool pregnancy moment: my sister in law just had her baby boy yesterday! We went to visit her and the sweet babe in the hospital and Taylor was so, so excited to hold that tiny newborn. There was a moment when Taylor was sitting next to me holding the cute little guy and I looked over and got smacked across the face with the reality that he's going to be holding not just A baby, but OUR baby in about a month and a half. He looked SO handsome holding that tiny human that I thought my heart was honestly going to burst. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like to watch him hold our baby in his arms (literally shedding tears just thinking about thinking about it). 

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Pregnancy is so cool. If I'm being honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of it all at the beginning... but it's grown on me (mostly, at least). It's so hard but so cool (hard because it's practically impossible to get comfortable and you're always hot). I think it's really neat to be in the third trimester because baby is bigger and more active and you feel a stronger connection to the little life living inside of you. I think this has got to be my favorite part of the pregnancy so far (aside from my aching, swelling body hahaha). It really has been so sweet to have this little babe tucked away somewhere where I can keep her close to me always. The closer I get to the end the more excited I am to have her and the more anxious I am to keep her right where she is. It makes no sense. #hormones



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    1. It's utterly terrifying! And ironically enough, the closer I get, the further away it all feels.


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