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We've been slowly piling all of our possessions into a collection of boxes for the last month. Over the course of the past few days, however, our box packing and piling got a turbo boost and we were packing up our lives at high-speed. Today we finished up the last of the packing + cleaning at our old place and we've officially temporarily moved into Tay's parent's basement until our new place is finished and we get the "okay-go" to finally move in. So it's been a rough couple of days, to say the least. We'd  basically converted to minimalism thanks to how many times we've moved-- but this last time around we stayed put in the same place for a whole year so we acquired all sorts of unnecessary junk. I've come to really, really despise unnecessary junk. The entire moving process has been a series of me wanting to throw away everything we own and start over fresh-- but Tay managed to talk me into only throwing away most of the stuff we own and keeping all of the stuff we obviously shouldn't throw away (thanks for keeping me sane, babe).

BUT, thank the high heavens above that we're done! Well... for two-ish weeks until we have to move all of our stuff into our new place... Thankfully, like I said, however, we've thrown away the useless things and we really don't have that much to move to our new home. Moral of today's post: if the object in question is not something that is necessary to sustain life, throw it away. Abandon it now and never look back. Oh, and also, avoid moving when you're massively pregnant and it's incredibly hot outside. K, life advice over, the end.


p.s. we bought blinds for the new place yesterday. You could say we're pretty grown up and stuff. 


  1. You are strong! I hear moving when pregnant/with a new baby is the worst! Excited to see your cute new place though!

    1. I don't even know how I'm surviving right now, if I'm being honest. Moving while pregnant has kicked my butt more than I expected it to! I 100% would not recommend it! haha


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