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Our good friends introduced us to this new pizza place, MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza, that recently opened at University Mall. We liked it so much the first time around that we actually went back to eat there again with another friend only a few days later! Guys, I kid you not, this pizza is SO GOOD. I don't even know how to explain it, but it's amazing and you need to go and try it out for yourselves.

The over-all vibe of the place is super hipster and cute. There is an actual tree with cute little lights dangling all over it right smack-dab in the middle of the restaurant. Everything from the music selection to the bathroom decor was so on-point (not even kidding, though, the bathroom was probably one of the nicest / coolest bathrooms I have ever experienced in a restaurant like that. Pregnant women notice that kind of a thing, I guess). 

This time around, between the three of us, we ordered the Meats Pizza, the Double Pepperoni Pizza, and the Margherita Pizza (last time we tried the chicken pesto somethin' pizza, which was also very good). All three pizzas got two very satisfied thumbs up from me. Basically, I want to try everything on the menu (not even kidding about that).

They have a really awesome selection of Italian Sodas and lemonades as well. Tay got the strawberry-peach italian cream soda and I, being the addict that I am, got a diet coke with lime (really though, I'm addicted). Another perk: they have one of the fancy soda machines where you can mix up random things into your beverage. At some point I also fully intend to try all of the italian sodas and lemonades on their menu (you thought I was kidding when I said I want to try everything, didn't you... well, I wasn't. I definitely wasn't kidding).

We went all-out and decided to end our lunch with some gelatos (I mean, if the food has tasted that fantastic throughout the course of the lunch, you kind of have to go all-out). We did it family-style and all three of us shared a chocolate, a vanilla, and a raspberry sorbetto. GUYS, every single flavor was so spectacular that I couldn't even choose a favorite! Each one came frosted with a pinch of powdered sugar and had it's own delicious taste. Heck, even if you don't touch the pizza, you should go to this place just for the gelato, okay? Not kidding. Go.

This lunch date was really sweet not only thanks to the gelato (yep, I'm being cheesy, deal with it), but because I was able to meet up with with one of my old mission companions that I hadn't seen in nearly two years! She's been livin' the dream down in Texas but she came up to Utah for a few days to visit some family. It's always fun to get to catch up on TWO WHOLE YEARS of life with someone. I'm honestly still stunned that so much time has passed already. Today has been one of those days where I couldn't quite seem to wrap my head around the fact that x-amount of years have passed since I graduated high school, went on my mission, got married, etc.  All I know is this: life passes wayyyyy too quickly.

Anyway, this place is delicious and you should put forth the effort to get yourself down there and try it out because it's amazing and you won't regret it. I honestly loved what the restaurant itself stands for, too. It's all about human connection and being genuine. The first time we went, the owner of the restaurant came up and greeted us himself just to see how we were doing and ask us about how our experience with the food went. So yeah, this place rocks and you should definitely go (go, go go!!!) The end.


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