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I, by no means, consider myself a professional poser (that sentence sounds so hysterical). I mean, yeah, I take photos for a living and yeah, I can pose other people well... but that does not mean I know the first thing about how to pose my own awkward limbs when I'm standing in front of a camera and trying to be cute. Posing other people and posing yourself are two entirely different scenarios because when you pose other people you can see how things look from an outside perspective-- but when you're trying to pose yourself, you don't have that kind of luxury. 

I've had a lot of people ask me about how we come up with all the different poses for our photos. And although I don't consider myself very knowledgable in this regard (like I stated before), I've come to learn a LOT through trial and error. Generally speaking, I know what kinds of poses I end up loving and what kinds of poses I end up not particularly fond of. We're one of those couples that have more photos of us together than the average two lovers out there-- and I'm beyond grateful for that. I love being able to go back through the photos of us together and remember the specific emotions and thoughts I was experiencing at the time the photos were taken. Having photos of the two of you really is so important--  so consider this my two cents on how to pose with your lover and somehow end up with a couple of good shots.

Tip #1: the cuddlier, the better. Get in close and get comfortable. Tie up your arms and your legs. and then smile and be happy. This is always my favorite look because you really cannot go wrong when it comes to cuddling your lover. Plus, there are so many different ways to cuddle that you've got a million and one poses when you just focus on cuddling alone. Make as much contact with your man as possible! Press your faces together, wrap both of your arms around his neck, his waist, his arm. The more you touch, the cozier it looks and the comfier you feel (and it all looks more natural as well). 

Tip #2: do something to take your mind off of worrying about posing. This also brings about very natural looking images! Stand together and look off at a view while talking about what you're going to eat for dinner, lay on the bed together with a couple of dogs, do the dishes, walk together and hold hands-- do normal things and then put up the camera, put it on a random timer with random spurts of images and then just be. When you don't know when the photo is being taken, you get the realest, rawest images. It's also totally okay to hand your camera to someone and then just tickle fight, wrestle, read a book together-- whatever it is you do when no one else is around, do that and let someone snap away some photos. These poses will always look natural because you're just being yourselves and doing the things you always do. The whole point is just forgetting that there's even a camera around you.

Tip #3: don't be afraid to be silly. Sometimes all you really need is a good silly photo to lighten things up. Don't be so stressed about getting the "perfect shot." Some of my most-favorite shots tend to be the ones that weren't even remotely planned. You know-- Taylor picking me up and tossing me over his shoulder before excessively spinning me around in circles, poking and tickling each other until you literally almost pee your pants-- that kind of stuff. This also includes the hideous faces you're both so good at making. Or some strange goofy pose. Heck, you could even just awkward dance for a minute just to get all the awkward out of you before going back to getting more "traditional" images of the two of you. Being silly lightens the mood and helps you look and feel more natural when you're standing in front of a camera.

Tip #4: just keep moving! This is actually the most common thing I say to my clients when I'm taking professional photos of them (but it's applicable to anyone who is standing in front of a camera, really). If you don't know what else to do, just move. Don't get stuck in a pose. Don't even think about posing. Just keep moving. Jump on his back, spin in a circle, dance, kiss, walk around, pick a pose for five seconds and then pick a new one-- just keep moving. When you stand there without moving, that's when things get awkward and you can see it in the photos-- your smiles begin to droop, you begin to slouch, etc. The more effort you put into your movements the more fun and exciting your shots will be.

Maybe some of those tips sound a little redundant, but I promise that each of those specific points is effective in its own unique way. In the end, though, the best way to get cute photos together is to simply just be yourselves and interact with each other. You can't really sum up the way you love each other in the way you pose-- but, when you're just being yourselves and hanging out (despite the scary camera being pointed in your direction), the photographs will be of moments, not poses. Does that make sense? Create moments, don't create poses.

That's really all I've got to say on the matter. If you have random questions or inquiries you want to shoot in my direction, feel free to do so. Again, however, I will make the statement that I do not, by any means, consider myself an expert in the art of personal posing, but I'll do my best to answer any questions you may fire off. Now, enough reading-- go and grab some new photos with your lover real quick! I truly believe you can never have too many photos together.




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