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It's a funny thing to wake up feeling a heavy emptiness in your heart-- especially when the weighty burden seems to have materialized from nothing. It's strange to feel the intensity of the world pressing down upon your chest; it leaves you breathless and all out of sorts... but there's no real evidence to show for it. There are some days when your heart simply chooses to feel and all you can really do it wait patiently for the feelings to pass. 

This past week was one in which gravity seemed to be tugging a little more stubbornly upon me than usual. It was frustrating too, because I felt as if a part of me was standing by and watching everything play out objectively from a third person perspective while my alternate ego (the other part of me) anxiously and obsessively stressed over every major and minor thing that occurred. In other words, my head reasoned through things logically while my heart jumped to sudden conclusions and was determined to feel what it wanted to feel regardless of how illogical my brain accused it of behaving.

We had a lot of things going on and we felt as if we were being pulled in at least a million different directions regarding the relationships and responsibilities in our life... to sum it all up, it all felt very overwhelming (I'm referring to Taylor and me in this last sentence, not me and my multiple personalities haha). As the weekend drew nigh, we decided to just curl up together in that comfortable place between our bedsheets and hibernate for a couple of days. Taylor pulled me close to him and cuddled me for two days straight. And like some kind of magic spell, just being close to him and hearing his comforting words of reassurance made the angst that had gotten all tangled up in my heartstrings magically dissolve.

He is my safe place. 
I'm forever grateful for my forever dude.



  1. I would like to wish you booth guys a happiest life and it seems that you are both caring for each other that makes you perfect.

  2. By reading this article, I feel the true love which may make the earth a paradise for loving people.


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