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We spent this past weekend up in Midway with Taylor's family. It was nice to be able to step away from the hustle and bustle of life for a few days in order to just relax and hang out with family. It's so funny to me how weekends seem to take forever to arrive but then they're over in a blink of an eye. As we drove down the winding provo canyon roads last night we kept saying how we couldn't believe the weekend was already over! Taylor and I have been really lucky because basically the first year and a half of our marriage was spent just being together. We figured out working scenarios that allowed us to be with each other 98% of the time (which really is rare, we know). It's something that I was so very grateful for because I don't know if we'll ever really get to do that again... except for maybe when we retire. But anywho, we've recently shifted into a new phase of life where work keeps us away from each other during the daytime (which is more normal but also the worst). We've grown to really love and cherish the weekends because it gives us a couple of days to be together all day long. The hardest part about starting a new week is the realization that we don't get to be together all day every day. 

Midway really was just what we needed this past weekend, though. There's something about escaping to somewhere other than home for a weekend, even if that "somewhere" is only forty-five minutes away from where you live. I got to spend my weekend reading, sitting on the back porch watching the clouds dance across the hazy sky, cuddling my love on a couch that was a little too small for the two of us, and admiring the smile Tay wore on his face every time he took the drone that he got for his birthday out for a spin. We actually spent our honeymoon in Midway. Maybe that's why we will always have an extra special place in our heart for that beautiful place? Or maybe it's just because it feels like a little piece of Europe right smack-dab in the middle of Utah. Either way, it's one of our favorite places. 

Monday's can be okay days, though. I always find myself more motivated to get things done on the first day of a new week. I have spent the morning cleaning our house, dejunking our closets, and getting ready for the next big phase of life that we're getting ready to conquer. It's honestly been so refreshing. We always spend so much time complaining about how awful Monday is but we rarely try to do anything to change the way we perceive it (I am totally guilty of that). Like all things in life, however, I think it's important to just change our attitude in order to change the outcome of things. Maybe if we woke up every Monday morning thinking, "Yay! It's Monday! There's so much I can accomplish today!" instead of waking up and instantaneously groaning, "Noooooooooooo. Monnnnnndaaaaaaayyyyyyy," Mondays would go much smoother and be a lot less awful? I'm making that my new goal for Monday mornings.


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  1. Wait you have a drone? Can you guide me and give me info? I kind of want to get one before our trip to Ireland this December but am nervous about spending so much money on something that is so easily broken? I feel like people are always getting theirs broken by wind and stuff haha. What is your advice? Text me!


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