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Tay turned twenty-somethin' yesterday. As we were laying in bed last night after all of the birthday festivities, he turned to me and said, "You know, I was thinking about it today and I finally feel like I'm an alright age to be having a baby." (Glad you feel that way, babe, because it's happening wether you're ready for it or not!) At another point during the day I caught myself saying something along the lines of, "Babe, we're getting kind of old." Now, we know we're not "old," obviously, but it's weird to keep seeing the years pass us by when we somehow got stuck in the mental mindset of thinking we are both only twenty years old. Where has the time gone!?

Tay had to put in a full day's worth of work before we could get to the actual birthday celebrations (thanks for nothing, adulthood). Thankfully, however, he goes into work bright and early so he usually gets off around 3:00 or 4:00. I had arranged a little "surprise" party get-together for him with some of his favorite people up at Tibble Fork Reservoir for the evening-- he had no idea what was coming. We put on swimsuits, picked up some pizza, packed our new inflatable kayak (one of Tay's cool bday presents) and headed on our way!

As we were headed up the canyon, we began to get a little nervous just because we were headed towards a fury of dark storm clouds that hung dauntingly over the treetops in the distance. Taylor was convinced that we were going to run into a little hiccup in our plans and have to retreat back down the canyon instead of spending the evening waterside during a lightning storm. Thankfully, however, the storm seemed to be headed in the same direction we were so we never actually hit it. We just followed it up the canyon as it made it's way further and further away from us. 

Due to the crazy weather, however, Tibble Fork was a lot less crowded than we expected it to be! It was extremely hot right when we got there but the evening quickly cooled things off (heck, by the end of the night we were all shivering). Kyle and Sylvia were cool and rented a paddle board from UVU for $20 (I love that you can rent outdoor gear!) to share with everyone. We set up "camp" on the shoreline and spent the evening lounging, eating pizza, attempting to fish, laughing, paddling, inflatable-kayaking and throwing Kinglsey (against his will) into the icy cold water.

Kyle brought his parents' dutch oven and tried his hand at making peach cobbler out in the wild. He kept telling us it would take thirty minutes to cook, but when thirty minutes had come and passed, he would keep saying, "Oh, just thirty more minutes!" By the end of the night, the sun had snuck away, the night had become cold, and we were all still sitting there asking "when will the cobbler be done?" even though "thirty minutes" had come and passed at least five different times. Eventually we all just threw our hands up in the air and said, "Oh, whatever. It's warm, let's eat it!" We placed four adorable little monster-shaped candles right in the middle of the pot, sang happy birthday as quickly as we could, and then dug in!

We may have eaten it a little prematurely, but it tasted absolutely fabulous. Tay kept saying, "This is the best peach cobbler I've ever had!" The peaches were perfect and the warmth of the cobbler slipping down to our bellies felt fantastic. Plus, eating delicious treats in beautiful places just adds to the over-all experience, I suppose.

At one point the boys took the dog out on the little raft with them. Kingsley is so funny because when it comes to swimming, he's REALLY good at it, he's just high maintenance and hates doing it. But when he was out in the middle of the water and watching the shoreline move further and further away from him, he got desperate and made the plunge into the cold water in order to swim back to the shore. As soon as his little body hit the water we all watched him GASP, his eyes widening as the shocking reality of the cold water hit him like a pile of bricks. Taylor felt so bad that he came back to the beach, wrapped the poor pup up in a towel, and cuddled him until he finally stopped shivering. 

It was fun to get to spend the evening with some of our favorite people in one of our favorite places. We didn't have much of a plan going into things, but then again, I'm not much of a planner when it comes down to the specifics of things. Usually I just make a general plan, keep an open mind, and let things take their course. Really, things couldn't have gone better than they did. We took turns swapping seats in and out of the kayak + paddle board and cruising across the emerald green water. The pine trees towered high above us as we propelled ourselves forward, headed in no particular direction. We sat on the sandy beach and watched each other try (and fail) to catch one of the tiny fish that were constantly jumping in and out of the water. We ate endless amounts of pizza and waited on the cobbler. We watched Kingsley drag his face through the sand in a strange attempt to dry off (which resulted in him acquiring a sandy mustache). We enjoyed the evening just being together in a beautiful place and it was perfect. Simple, but perfect.

Happy birthday, Taylor Dale. I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you. You are the best part of my life. You welcome so much happiness and positivity into this journey we are sharing together. You are constantly encouraging me to chase after the things I want most in life and you inspire me each and every day as you chase after your own dreams. You're so accepting and understanding of the people around you. You never hesitate to offer a listening ear or a warm embrace to anyone who may stand in need of it. Your laugh is contagious. You're so dang handsome. You have helped make my life more full and more rewarding than I knew it could be. Thanks for being my forever. Thanks for loving me (even when I'm grumpy and emotional). Thanks for being my best friend and my favorite person to wake up to each morning. I love you forever!



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