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WARNING: this post is a major photo overload! I'm just going to start with the obvious here: yes, my family's firework show this year consisted of a bunch of crazy people jumping through the fiery explosions of the fireworks we had purchased. Things started out as usual with all of us camped out on various parts of the front lawn and driveway watching the sparks shoot into the warm summer air... but things quickly progressed into our own special kind of madness. Here's the thing about the Bagley family: we live for adrenaline rushes. I kid you not, stuff like this happens all the time. In fact, earlier on in the day we played a game were we all laid out in a massive clump of human bodies on the grass while someone would launch water balloons high up into the sky and we'd all wait anxiously to see who it would pummel when it fell back to the ground. I guess that's our idea of fun? We live for that kind of stuff. 

But, needless to say, I think we can very easily claim that this was the most fun we've all had with fireworks in a while. It was fun to sit and watch everyone run through-- their eyes squinting shut to protect themselves from any unruly sparks looking for trouble-- we only had a couple of burned legs and burned tshirts (which, in my opinion, was pretty impressive considering the circumstances and all). Don't worry guys, I was just the pregnant lady who innocently stood by and documented the insanity (although, if I weren't pregnant, I can imagine I'd be right in the middle of the firework madness). I am genuinely scared to see what happens next year when we try to top the firework show from this year.

This year's celebrations were pretty chill (aside from the daredevil flame jumpers, of course). We started the morning off with the traditional "Jenkin's family breakfast" up in Salt Lake. It's been an event that has been happening since Taylor was extremely young. It's been cool to jump right into his family's holiday celebrations-- it gives us SO much to do each time another holiday comes around.

We ended up passing out for a pretty solid fourth of July nap on his parent's couch later on in the day. We had turned on Harry Potter (because, well, duh) and before we knew it we had slipped out of consciousness and into the land of cat napping. We just so happened to take a nap at the same time on that same couch last year... maybe the midday nap on that couch will be our new Independence Day tradition? I think a midday nap is a necessary part of this holiday because we spend the entire day running around in bathing suits out in the heat of the sun. 

We decided to set up hammocks out in the yard so we could "hang out" for a bit before heading to my family's celebrations-- but we didn't anticipate running into a million different issues with the hammock hanging process (hahaha). The trees were BARELY too far apart to hang up the hammocks the way they were designed to hang, so we ended up adding another couple feet to the ropes by adding various bungee chords and ropes we found in the garage (so not safe). Tay hung a hammock for me that hung two inches off of the grass and said it was the "pregnancy safe" hammock because I wouldn't get hurt if it were to suddenly fall. He cracks me up. Eventually we figured everything out and the hammocks hung ever so perfectly in the trees. Within about ten minutes, however, we were BAKING hot because the hammocks seemed to trap heat inside of them. The hammock hanging process took far longer than the actual time we spent lounging in them. We were defeated yet again by the HOT Utah weather. 

Our hammock fails actually ended up influencing what we chose to do next: we put away the heat-trapping devices and then hopped in the car and sped over to my parents house so we could jump into the kiddy pool and actually cool off. Taylor didn't even take the time to put on his actual swimsuit, he just belly flopped head-first into the cool (and tiny) body of water. His shirt and basketball shorts were completely soaked, but surprise, surprise they dried off basically as soon as he got out of the water because of Utah's extremely dry heat. 

We even ended up tossing Kingsley into the pool because he'd spent a better part of the day panting vigorously, drinking buckets of water, and searching for every patch of shade he could possibly find. He definitely appreciated the opportunity to finally cool off (we all did). 

My sister-in-law was elated and couldn't stop touching my belly because she said that, up until this point, she hadn't really seen it. Granted, I'm the queen of baggy clothing, so it's not much of a surprise. When you're wearing a swimsuit, however, it's somewhat impossible to actually hide the bump. She kept looking over in my direction and exclaiming things like, "It's so round and cute and perfect!" I just laughed. Twenty-three weeks and going strong! At this point, we're actually closer to twenty-four weeks than we are twenty-three. This is madness, I tell you.

The remnant of the night was spent eating food from the grill, lounging on the back patio, playing games, and flying the drone around as we waited for the sun to slip behind the horizon. I've said it before and I'll say it again: my absolute favorite part about the holidays is simply getting to spend time with the people I love the most. We got to spend time with both Tay's family and my family yesterday. We were both basically born and raised in the same hometown and we feel pretty lucky because our families live really close to each other. I guess that's one of the perks of meeting your forever lover in high school? You get away with getting to see both sides of the family during the holidays.

Once the sun finally fell asleep, we broke out a million and one sparklers, poppers and the big case of fireworks my mom had purchased for the night. The kids ran around basically naked because they'd either drenched their clothing in the pool or had accidentally managed to cover themselves in ketchup or mustard. My brothers (two of which are older than me, married, and have a couple of kids) ran about the cul-de-sac chucking those little explosive pop-its at each other and watching them burst on the back of each other's heads and butts. Now that I think about it, that's probably what riled everyone up enough to start leaping through flames later on in the evening. Everyone who was handed a sparkler ended up dancing about with a sparkler in each hand while shouting various spells from the Harry Potter books at each other and "swish + flicking" their imaginary wands. 

I tricked Taylor into giving me a couple of Independence Day smooches while fireworks burst into magical florets of light in the sky all around us. It's fun to have a firework-watching + kissing buddy. I always dreamed of having a dude like him when I'd sit and watch the heavens illuminated with light during the Independence Day celebrations of my childhood. He even danced barefoot about the cul-de-sac with me whilst bearing a couple of sparklers. I've got myself a keeper, that's for sure. 

I hope everyone had a fun and (mostly) safe fourth of July. It's such a fantastic day to have fun and create memories that will last forever. We are so blessed to live in a country that values freedom and individualism. We are so lucky to live among men and women who spend their lives fighting for the rights we enjoy today. We are so blessed in so many ways to get to call ourselves Americans! I am so proud to be an American! I am so grateful for the blessings we experience each and every day just because we live here. God bless the USA!


swim top + bottom: kortni jeane (I am a big fan of their maternity bottoms)

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