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Before this year, I can honestly say that I've never actually attended the balloon fest in Provo. I'd always wake up later on in the morning and see a few of the last hot air balloons drifting across the blue morning sky, but I'd only ever catch the tail end of things from thirty miles away in American Fork. When I was younger, I specifically remember waking up in awe and looking for the Bank of American Fork's pig-shaped hot air balloon dancing along the very tip-top of the mountains. It's funny to know that Taylor spent so many years at the balloon fest being one of the helping hands that got that hot air balloon pig up in the air and flying. 

We had to get up bright and early to get there in time to watch all of the balloons inflate and take off. When our alarm went off, however, I had forgotten why we were getting up early in the first place. Taylor had to remind me that I had wanted to go and see all of the hot air balloons. I'm still laughing that I genuinely forgot why the alarm was going off so early! (I'll just go ahead and blame that spacey moment on the fact that I'm pregnant... )

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of traditions (especially when it comes to celebrating holidays). All of the holidays this year will definitely be unique just because I'll either be spending them knowing it's the last time celebrating without a baby OR the FIRST time celebrating WITH a baby. It's so bizarre knowing that next year's fourth of July celebrations will occur with a nine month old baby in my arms (that thought alone is completely blowing my mind). 

That being said, it's been a lot of fun to go about our normal traditions while dreaming about how things will be a little different when we are going through all of the motions with a baby. It makes me really giddy and excited. It's fun to see Taylor fast-forward his thoughts to the moment he'll get to be a dad. He throws out hypothetical situations that he's excited to experience and it's adorable to see all of the excitement etched into the smile lines on his face. All I can say is this: he's going to be the best dad.

In my opinion, the very best part about holidays is the time you get to spend with the people you love the most. There's something special about celebrating special days with special people. The fourth of July is actually Taylor's favorite holiday (we count Christmas in its own category because come on, nothing can really compete with Christmas). Over the last few years the Independence Day has slowly snuck it's way into its own special little place within my heart. Adapting Taylor's family's traditions into my life (and him adapting my family's traditions as well) has enriched every holiday in every way. It's been so much fun getting to create new traditions between just the two of us as well. 

I love the fourth of July because I love the happiness it brings Taylor. He's got so many childhood memories that took place on this day each year growing up and it's fun to see him jump into the nostalgia of it all. I can't wait to continue the traditions and add to the happy memories he's already got.

Taylor and I have been saying this a lot lately, but life really is SO good. Our hearts have been brimming with all sorts of happiness and gratitude. It's easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and adulthood because there's always so much to worry about. But we've been reminded of how important it is to step back and look at all the little things in our life that are good. We are married! We love each other so much! We have such a supporting family whom we love and adore! We have the cutest dog! We are going to bring a baby into this world together! The feeling of the sunshine on our skin feels so nice each day! Tay really likes his job (and I like mine too)! There are so many little blessings we take part in each and every day that contribute to our overall happiness. There really aren't words to express the amount of gratitude we have been feeling over the last couple of days. 

I hope you're all having the time of your lives partying with the people you love! Eat lots of delicious food, do lots of fun things, and hug all those people you're spending your time with. Thank goodness for holidays and the memories they bring. 


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