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bump: this week baby girl is the size of a cucumber and weighs almost two pounds.

weight gain: I've gained twenty whole pounds! Feelin' large and in charge. (Low-key laughing about how much weight I've already gained and what yet lies ahead in my near future.... lol. I mean, we all know the most growth happens in the last trimester. Wish me luck???)

cravings: cup of noodles, steak, sour-gummy candies, mango smoothies, dino nuggets, poptarts, ritz crackers with cheese and pepperoni, potatoes... but my cravings have also gotten super weird in the last few days because as of Friday I haven't really wanted anything. Taylor kept bringing me random foods and I'd just suck it up and eat it. What in the world is with pregnancy and weird hunger / lack of hunger issues?

movements: this baby never stops moving. I can feel her kicking around in there all hours of the day. It's the coolest and strangest feeling, too. Tay's mom laughs and says she's not surprised one bit that this baby is so active because Taylor was an extremely active baby as well. I was also a little tyrant back in the day... so we're in for a whole lot of trouble once this girl actually gets here. Pray for us.

cool pregnancy moment: I was sitting in bed reading during the wee hours of the night when suddenly I was overwhelmed by the reality that we've only got THREE months before we meet our baby girl! I thought of her chillin' down in my belly and it brought real tears to my eyes. It's all starting to feel more real and I'm freaking out!

Feel free to shoot random questions you may have about me, baby, or the pregnancy my way!



  1. YOU'RE SO CLOSE! excited to follow along your baby adventures! I'm curious to know (once the baby gets there) how you would compare having a puppy to having a baby? I feel like Tucker needs A LOT of attention, like all the time. And I'm wondering if puppies need more attention than babies? Cause they are more destructive? Idk. Just throwing ideas out here haha. But yeah, like I'd love to know if babies 0-1 year require as much attention as puppies!

    1. I know! The sheer thought of how soon we are going to be holding our own baby blows my mind. So much.

      And I would love to share my opinions on that with you as I'm figuring it out! I think it will be super interesting to see the difference!


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