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People keep saying things like, "You two are so lucky you've already traveled lots of places and have done a lot of things together these last few years-- that's all going to stop once you actually have a baby," to Taylor and me these days. We just smile and nod because that's what people expect us to do, right? I know we can't really speak from experience, because obviously we don't actually have our baby here yet, but we can speak from our hearts when we say this: our adventures aren't going to stop just because we're having a baby. In fact, the way we see it, the greatest adventure of all is coming this October! We know that our lives are going to change rather dramatically-- but at the same time, we'll still be us and this world will still be our full of adventures we're itching to experience-- we'll just have another little adventurer to add to our brigade.

I want this little girl to grow up loving the mountains. I want to teach her pick wild flowers on luscious green hillsides during the warm months of summer and to gather fallen, golden leaves when the air turns crisp and summer turns to fall. I want to help this little girl collect experiences from places both near and far-- I want her to grow up loving southern Utah's red rocks and going for frequent drives along the Alpine Loop. I want her to eat kimchi at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Korea and go for a chilly swim in a gorgeous fjord in Norway. I want to take her on a cross-country road trip and stop at all of the little Podunk little towns along the way, just for fun.

We'll have a bit of a learning curve, of course, going from two to three, but we're excited for the challenge. And we're excited to have another little living being to share our life and experiences with. It will be interesting to see what things change and what things remain the same-- but again, we're ready to welcome the change. Less than three months to go...



  1. I was told the same thing. It was a bit different for me because I'm a single mum, but it hasn't stopped me from dragging my son around the country! It is 10000% harder and packing is a nightmare, but it so much fun! You know, once you get there and all of you manage to have a solid nap. It definitely is a lot different, but it'll be much, much more worth it when they're a little older and can have as much fun as you!

    1. I totally respect you for doing it on your own! It really is so amazing that you're chasing after adventures and making that happen in not only your life but also the life of your child! And that nap advice is actually probably some of the best advice! Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping me to stay hopeful!

  2. Ok so do you guys set up a tripod for photos like this? I wish there were non-populated place out here to get cutie photos haha! I feel like there is always someone meandering nearby and I am took awkward to do tripod photos in front of them, and also feel too awkward asking them to take the pic lol. The east coast is just, like crowded I guess.

    BUT ALSO agreed about adventuring w/ babies. Like I feel like if it is something you liked to do before babies then it will still be something you like to do. I feel like babies make things take more time (unloading, loading, etc.) but like, it doesn't mean you can't do the things you did before... if that makes sense? Anyway, I'm excited to see you guys as parents b/c I feel like your parenting style (adventuring and stuff) will be similar to mine and it's always fun to see someone online who does the things you would want to do!

    Longest comment ever right haha

    1. Hey! So for these photos I actually took my little sister out on a drive with us and made her model for me. So I have a million and one photos of her from this little excursion. We've been going on lots of little adventures like this lately. I've been slowly teaching her all the little things about taking photos and she's been executing it one adventure at a time by taking some photos of us!

      YES! I'm so glad that we agree on this. It's obviously going to be more work when we're taking a baby on adventures with us, but it's going to be worth it to us and we're totally fine with a little extra work on behalf of getting out and adventuring. And I actually 100% agree-- I feel like we will have similar parenting styles and we'll just be the guinea pigs for you guys. haha


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