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Happy Birthday, Harry! We're celebrating by watching as many of the Harry Potter movies as we can while working on the computer today. Kingsley is clearly very enthralled (I'm such a proud dog owner). Doesn't it make perfect sense that he's named after one of the characters in this magical tale? // I finished reading three different books this past week and my noggin adored swimming through all of those words. // I went on a gorgeous sunset drive up through Provo Canyon with Tay + my little sister, Jade, on Saturday evening. It was one of those moments when, in the middle of it all, my heart was so full of so much gratitude for this life that I've been given. But also, Utah is so dang pretty. // We've been lookin' at all sorts of baby stuff lately as we have been prepping for October. Baby stuff is so dang cute. // Maternity yoga pants-- enough said. // Homemade smoothies and microwave-baked baked potatoes. // The way the leaves in the trees shimmer when tickled by a playful summer breeze. // Friends finally coming home from a week and a half long trip so I can hug their faces and update them on all the craziness of life. // Joy rides in a new car purchased by our very excited (and very cute) best couple friends. // Piles of puppies and their very snuggly cuddles. // Dreams of pumpkins and other autumn things. //


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