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I know that this photograph doesn't seem very fitting with the title of this post... but my niece just turned two and as we were all singing happy birthday to her she burst into a fit of absolute hysteria-- tears, screams, and all-- it was honestly the funniest thing I've experienced over the course of the last week or so. But also, I feel as if it's an accurate representation of all of us when we realize yet another year of our life has passed a little too quickly. Can I get an amen?

I had a really bad headache the other day and was feeling pretty miserable... when Taylor came home from work he brought me a diet coke and I legitimately started to cry big, pearly tears right into the nook of his neck as soon as he gave it to me (still lol'ing about this, actually). That's what happiness looks like, I guess?

For Pioneer Day (the 24th of July, a holiday specific to good ol' Utah-- it's like an extension of Independence Day), Tay's family set up this massive slip'n'slide (this is the video of it from last year) down the big, sloping hill in the front yard of their house. I went down it probably fifteen times and each time I'd plop my pregnant self down on the slide and scoot down over the edge, all the onlookers would cringe and hope they wouldn't see a baby accidentally slip out of me. I laugh just thinking about what it must have looked like seeing me flying down the slippery, soapy mat with my seven-months-pregnant belly. Don't worry guys, I took it easy this year (in comparison to what I'd normally do, of course).

Taylor Dale has officially started watching Vampire Diaries with me. I watched it way back when I was in high school and I was beyond obsessed with Damon. I even have a shirt with the Salvator brothers' faces on it (it's totally still sitting in my closet). I love it because he will sit and watch trashy tv with me and actually enjoy it. (Other examples of trashy tv shows he watches with me: gossip girl, bachelorette, bachelor in paradise... you get the idea). I married a real keeper.

Funniest thing Taylor said this week:

Me: "You need to put some lotion on your elbows, they're a little dry."
Tay: "I like 'em that way because I can sand things off with my elbow whenever I want."



  1. lol the elbows! Also what season are you on? I am really close to the end but don't know if I can finish it haha. I love Damon. He's like the most attractive celebrity. Did you know his wife is pregnant? It's cute.

    1. We just barely started so we are still in the first season. I never actually finished the series though because I left on a mission and never got back into it all until now. But same. Damon was always my favorite! I thought he was so ruggedly handsome... and his whole "bad guy" vibe just works for him. haha But I didn't know his wife is pregnant! He's actually super proactive with animal rights and stuff in real life, if I remember correctly?


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