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We pulled up to tibble fork reservoir and the beach was littered with humans, dogs, blankets, and folding chairs. Throngs of people moved along the shoreline like little ants while countless rafts drifted atop the emerald green surface of the water. Storm clouds, heavy with moisture, crept along the treetops and threatened to burst, showering down a million droplets of warm summer rain. The mountainous air smelled distinctly of campfires and pines as it playfully tickled at our noses. Slowly, as day moved towards night and the storm hid the sun's glorious, golden rays, people began to pack up their things and get ready to head home for the evening. I remembered what it used to be like to visit that magical place nestled amongst the towering pines... it used to be a swampy, murky, and small body of water, but after all the construction, it's become quite the crowd attraction. It makes me happy to see a place that was once almost-forgotten become something so popular. 

There's something special about summer rainstorms. Last night's was especially cool because it was followed up by a magnificent full-moon that was framed every so perfectly by the dark clouds that surrounded it. It reminded me of Halloween-- mostly because it had somewhat of an "eerie" feel to it all (which, I loved).  It made me think of October... and when I think of October, I think about the baby in my belly (which also makes me happy). Taylor's birthday is this week and I've managed to NOT give him all of his gifts early (which is a real miracle)! I'm just excited to not have to hide things from him anymore because I'm the worst at keeping secrets-- especially from him. I got new shoes in the mail this week and they fit like a charm. I'm always so scared to order shoes online because my shoe size ranges anywhere from a size 6 to 7.5, depending on the shoe. We binge-watched the newest season of Criminal Minds that was added to Netflix this week. Watching Criminal Minds again has made me SO happy-- but that happiness is going to come to an end again far too soon. Other things that made me happy this week: hanging with my cute cousin and her husband for an evening, Kingsley (as always), all of the fourth of July celebrations, seeing a million fireworks exploding in the sky every night, cool summer nights, people's faces when I say I'm pregnant and they have to double-take my belly, going to dinner with all of Taylor's married siblings, and sour gummy worms. 

These posts have turned into a place to dump my random thoughts and rambles... but they're all associated with happiness, so I feel like it's an appropriate place to write about it all.



  1. I would buy that as a print. That is SO beautiful.

    1. I love you. You always have the nicest things to say!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves that show!


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