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I believe that I am the luckiest girl in the whole world for somehow managing to win Taylor over and then somehow convincing him to marry me for time and all eternity. I know-- that's what everyone says and it's uber cheesy, blah, blah, blah. BUT I wouldn't say it if I weren't whole-heartedly convinced that it's the truth. Any girl in the history of ever would be the luckiest girl to be married to him-- but he chose me. Sometimes the reality of the fact hits me hard and I become overwhelmed by intense feelings of gratitude because he is my husband.

He's honestly the kindest, most loving, hard working, and driven guy I know. He always puts me and my needs before his own and I am constantly humbled by the amount of love he has to offer me-- his heart is so full of so much love and he never hesitates to send it my way. I cannot express how magical it is to receive that kind of love every moment of every day. His love is what gives me the kind of confidence I have needed to take giant leaps of faith forward and chase after my dreams. He's always encouraging me to do the things I long to do, even if those things terrify me (but he promises to be there for me every scary step of the way). He's my motivation, my encouragement, and my reason for doing the things I do.

Every night, as we curl up in bed together, he talks to my belly. He presses his lips to my skin and leaves little trails of kisses behind for me and our baby. He loves her so much already and watching his eyes fill up with excitement and adoration for the little life we created together makes my heart burn with fierce emotion beneath my ribcage. I love him! He loves me! We love her! I can feel her response to his words-- sometimes through sharp kicks and other times through dainty little flutterings deep within my womb. She knows who he is.

We've made a beautiful life together, him and I. It's full of happiness, it's full of laughter, it's full of love. I think back to the life I dreamed I'd live when I was younger and I can honestly say that the life I am living now is nothing I'd thought it would be-- but it's better than what I'd expected. It's far from perfect, but it's perfect for me-- for us. And I owe all of that to the man I married. He is my happiness. And I am overwhelmed with gratitude every day because I get to spend my existence with him.


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