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Okay, first of all, I can't believe this pregnancy is already halfway over!? The first weeks were miserable because I was so sick. The weeks seemed to drag on forever and I felt as if it would never end... but here we are, twenty weeks along and I can't even believe that we've only got twenty more weeks to go (although, I'm sure the weeks will start to feel long again once my belly gets a little bigger). With my belly starting to pop and such, it's all starting to feel more real. Although, at work I'm constantly getting people exclaiming things like, "You're pregnant!? You don't look pregnant at all." And then they make some comment about how I must only be a few weeks pregnant... and that's usually when I say, "I'm due in October!" and they continue to freak out over the fact that I "don't look pregnant." I mean, all e ever wear is really baggy clothes so I suppose it really is hard to tell because no one has ever actually seen my figure. hahahaha

baby: STILL can't believe we're having a little girl. It's so surreal to me. Now the biggest struggle is trying to NOT buy every cute article of baby clothing I see. (I'm sorry, Tay, I really am trying to refrain from buying all the cute things.) I told him that every time he leaves me alone I'll probably buy a new baby outfit (okay, I'm not actually that bad). He just laughed and then pulled me in close for a hug.

bump: this week our baby is the size of a banana (at least, in length)! It's weird because she's actually getting big enough to feel. Sometimes I press my hand down gently on my belly and I can feel her little body curled up inside of me. It's the most surreal thing.

weight gain: 13 pounds. Whoop whoop. 

cravings: cup of noodles (I eat like five a day and I have no shame), airheads (we ordered a whole box of them off of amazon-- again, no shame), steak and potatoes, tv mac and cheese dinners (you can gag if you want, it's fine), and, as always, JUICE. 

hardest part about being pregnant: not being allowed on water slides, rope swings, roller coasters, or really anything fun. Especially during the summer. I've just become the officially designated "sit and watch everybody's stuff" lady. (If you know me, you know why this is so hard for me!) But it gives me a lot of time to sit and consciously think about how cool it's going to be to have a little baby to take on all of our adventures. We can't wait!

movements: I had been feeling little flutterings here and there for a few weeks, but nothing too big. I was even starting to wonder if what I was feeling in my belly was actually my baby or just gas (not even kidding). But a couple of nights ago Taylor and I were laying in bed watching a movie and I FELT HER. She kicked me so hard that I knew without a doubt that it was her. My heart leapt within my chest and my eyes instantaneously began to water. I quickly grabbed Taylor's hand and placed it on my belly where she had kicked and exclaimed, "IT WAS HER! I FELT IT! I KNOW IT WAS HER!" He was smiling at that point, but then he felt it too and his whole facial expression changed. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped and then we both began to laugh. He got to feel her kick three distinct times in a row and I felt her kicking me from the inside all night long. Coolest experience.

weird pregnancy moment: Taylor was trying to get me to take my nausea pills before bed and I really didn't want to take them for some reason-- even though I felt like I was going to puke. And then out of nowhere I started to cry. The look on his face in that moment was so hysterical that I also started to laugh. So you can imagine how hysterical that moment must have been. Poor Taylor, he deserves an award for putting up with me and all of these pregnancy hormones. I'm honestly not typically an extremely dramatic person, but everything changes when you're growing a baby inside of you and your hormones get all out of whack.

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  1. That's my sister's boutique! Posey and Pence!!

    1. I think you're the reason I started following her boutique way back in the day!


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