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We got to spend this past weekend in Seattle for a wedding I was photographing. My sweet cousin married the love of her life and it was honestly one of the most beautiful sealings I have ever attended. The sealer had everyone both laughing and crying throughout the entire ceremony. I remember leaning over to Taylor at one point and whispering, "This is one of those moments that I am grateful to witness so I can wrap it up and keep it in my heart forever." Their day couldn't have been more perfect and I felt so blessed to have been a part of it all.

She wore her mother's wedding dress! The moment she stepped out of the car I couldn't help but to audibly gasp because she looked so beautiful wearing the same dress that her mother wore on her own wedding day. I was swooning over them and their love the entire time we were taking photos. They're so in love and it's so very obvious. I was also dead over getting to shoot amongst the fantastic greenery of Seattle. Hands down one of my favorite weddings I've ever shot (for a plethora of reasons).

This was actually Taylor's first time in Washington, so now we not only get to cross the state of Washington off of our list of places we've been together, but he got to experience somewhere he'd never been before! (Which is actually rare-- he's been a million more places than I have been.) The whole time he kept saying that Washington reminded him a lot of his beloved Norway. It was cool to have been able to go to Norway with him prior to our Seattle trip so I knew exactly what he was referring to when he'd make comparisons between various parts of Norway and Seattle.

We only had one "free" day to spend in Seattle (because of the wedding), so we had to jam-pack everything we could into a short amount of time. We started the day off by riding a ferry into Seattle (because the wedding festivities the night before took place in a city outside of Seattle). The ferry ride was a serious flashback to Norway because we road at least seven ferries during our trip there. It was so neat to see the houses nestled along the shoreline beneath the grey sky. The houses were such a stark contrast beside the towering, deep green pines. Eventually we saw the outline of numerous buildings along the horizon as Seattle popped into view.

We wandered along the waterfront and kept ourselves entertained by wandering through various shops at Pikes Place market (where I almost bought a completely hand-made leather journal with flowery home-made paper on the inside), riding the new Wings over Washington ride (the newest attraction of pier 57-- which was actually really cool. It's kind of like soaring over california at Disneyland... I'd recommend trying that or the ferris wheel if you get a chance), and sneaking into all of the cool little shops that lined pier 57. There was one little shop called Zongo Gifts that reminded me SO much of the way Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was depicted in the Harry Potter films. There was a stuffed badger baring its teeth from within a cage at every customer who entered, skeletons hanging from the ceiling, and various clowns and old artifacts that were salvaged and used as means of decoration within the shop. There was every kind of toy and gadget you could possibly imagine lining the shelves. Every inch of the place was covered with all kinds of stuff. You could spend hours within the four walls of that one little shop just taking in all the little things the shop had to offer. In one corner they even gave out free fudge samples... which lead to Taylor and I buying a whole section of fudge just for ourselves. SO GOOD.

At one point, my uncle Bill grabbed Taylor's hand, who latched on to my dad's hand, and the three of them walked down the pier hand-in-hand and laughing hysterically for a few moments. It made my dad extremely uncomfortable, which made the whole thing that much more entertaining to watch from behind. The whole time Taylor was holding his hand, my dad's arm was spasming frantically in a half-attempt to wiggle free of Taylor's firm hand clasp. Taylor's head tipped back and his laugh bellowed loudly, echoing off the wooden buildings they were passing. I'm honestly surprised we even got a photo of it because my dad's arm convulsed uncontrollably until it finally broke free only after about half a minute.

We opted to have dinner at Seattle's oh-so-famous Ivar's Acres of Clams right on the pier. I can't even begin to tell you how delicious our food was. We had an order of calamari, a berry salad, the most delectable sour dough bread, and the BEST lemonade I have every had (it was blackberry and my mouth is watering just thinking about it). Taylor ordered a Huckleberry Salmon (his reaction to his first few bites is pictured below-- he fell in love instantaneously) and I ordered a steak (I know, I know, NOT exciting whatsoever, but for some reason with this pregnancy, all I ever want to eat is steaks). If you're planning on going to Washington anytime soon, put Ivar's on your list of places to eat.

We finished the night at Seattle's Underground Tour, which, again, I would HIGHLY recommend doing while you're in Seattle. Did you know that Seattle has a whole history that is hidden underground beneath the sidewalks? I sure didn't. But, now I do! The tour talked all about Seattle and how it began, then shows you a bunch of really cool underground places brimming with history that you would never get to see outside of doing the tour. It was utterly fascinating. If you're a history junkie like me, you really don't want to miss out on this. Plus, the tour guides are all absolutely hilarious and they basically make fun of all of the things that went wrong with Seattle in it's humble beginnings (which, really, was a complete mess. But learning about it kept us laughing and incredibly baffled. History, guys, it's so cool). And I think Seattle is cool-- especially considering all of the trials it endured to get to where it's at today. It's a miracle people stuck around long enough for Seattle to become what it is.

We parked our car out by the waterfront, so we were fortunate enough to catch the sunset out on the pier before clamoring into our large suburban rental car and heading to our hotel for the night. There was a golden haze that settle across the water as far as you could see. Photos do it no justice at all. It looked like a scene straight out of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I didn't have my camera on me at the time (other than my iphone) so we enjoyed the view with our eyes, not our camera viewfinders (insert winky face here). Once the sun shrunk behind the boats in the distance and the golden light morphed into grey darkness, we were officially ready to call it a day. We were EXHAUSTED!

We loved our two-day adventure in Seattle! It was short but it was sweet. You don't need a whole week to go on an adventure, you can make due with just a weekend or a couple of days if you're determined enough. But I will say this: waking up this morning was SO hard! Both Taylor and I felt extremely groggy and sleepy. I guess that's what you get for packing so much into one tiny weekend. We got up early Sunday morning (like, EARLY-early) and caught a flight home to Utah. Our flight was pretty empty so we each had lots of excess space that we utilized well-- we slept the whole way home. I think everyone on the flight slept the throughout the entire duration of the flight.

If you need us over the next couple of days we'll likely be filling up any spare time we have with numerous naps in an attempt to catch up on all the sleep and rest we missed this weekend. Wish us luck?



  1. Great photos! I love the Space Needle!

    1. I wanted to take Taylor to the Space Needle but the rest of the group wanted to spend our time doing other things. I told Tay that now we have an excuse to go back to Seattle sometime soon!


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