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Grocery shopping. I freaking love going grocery shopping with Taylor. The fact that our AC got fixed and we're not melting inside our own house anymore. THIS VIDEO that was a major flashback to the way Jillian and I chose to spend our Friday nights back in middle school school (I'm pretty sure the video won't work on mobile devices, gotta view it on the desktop). I got Taylor a new drone for his birthday-- it's an early birthday present (I'm keeping the rest a secret until his actual birthday... or at least, I'm really trying to). He almost crashed said drone on its maiden voyage and it was both hysterical and terrifying. My belly hurt really bad for a day and a half and I'm pretty sure it's because baby grew seven sizes and now my belly feels seven times bigger than it was just a few days ago. We got to see baby via an ultrasound this week and that was pretty awesome. We went to the play that my little brother is in (Cinderella) and it was adorable (it's going on every night at AF high school for the next couple of days-- starts at 7:00-- be there). Looking up random house ads all the time just for fun. The spontaneous photoshoot that happened this weekend (complete with a horse, evening gown, and model) that was completely based off of a last-second bouquet I acquired. Kingsley cuddles (as always). Oh, and staying up until 2am talking about a whole bunch of nonsense with Taylor, my brother, and his sweet wife (also my BFF) Arica.


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