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We got a new car! Well-- new to us. We had two little honda civics that we drove around but we decided we wanted to sell one of them and get a bigger car that was more suitable for camping and off-roading and actually had 4-wheel drive. And also a little more carseat friendly. Win-win. The past few days have been so stormy and I've actually really enjoyed it! We went from eighty degree weather and now we're sitting in the mid-sixties and I am thoroughly enjoying all of the rain. It's the best! Bowls of cereal have been making me extremely happy the last few days. Feeling little itty bitty baby kicks in my belly for the past few days has been so surreal and so awesome. I've been getting so many cute baby clothes and things in the mail and it always almost makes me cry (I'm pathetic-- but it's a good kind of cry). Just trying to imagine what this baby girl is going to look like also almost makes me cry. We're going to Seattle this weekend (Tay's first time in Washington)! Utah has been really pulling through with pretty views lately-- there are so many pretty things to see and fun things to do. That moment when Taylor comes home from work every day and both Kingsley and I are  so elated that we run to greet him. Summer walks. Summer drives. Making dinner out of nothing (because we have nothing in our fridge/pantry and we don't want to go grocery shopping because we're getting on a plane tomorrow hahaha).


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